Dr.Manoj's Homeopathy Treatments For Dyspepsia

Any gastrointestinal symptom associated with consumption of food is called dyspepsia. It is one of the most common ailments today and results from dietetic errors.


  • – Abdominal pain
  • – A feeling of over-fullness after eating
  • – Heartburn
  • – Loss of appetite
  • – Nausea or vomiting and
  • – Flatulence or gas.Vomiting usually produces relief. The vomit is intensely sour to the taste. Other symptoms are a foul taste in the mouth, coated tongue and bad breath. At times, a sensation of strangling in the throat is experienced. In most cases of indigestion, the patient suffers from constipation.


  • – Overeating,
  • – Eating wrong food combinations,
  • – Eating too rapidly and neglecting proper mastication and salivation of food,
  • – Excessive smoking,
  • – Intake of alcohol,
  • – Constipation,
  • – Insomnia,
  • – Emotions such as jealousy, fear and anger and lack of exercise.

Overeating makes the work of the stomach, liver, kidneys, and bowels harder. When the food putrefies, its poisons are absorbed into the blood and, consequently, the whole system is poisoned. Certain foods, especially if they are not properly cooked, cause dyspepsia. Fried foods as well as rich and spicy foods often cause abdominal discomfort and gas or aggravate the existing condition.

Questionnaire for Dyspepsia

Dyspepsia is a new age disease affecting numerous people due to irregular food habits and stress. Homeopathy has wonderful medicines to treat it and we have been successfully helping people suffering with dyspepsia. The treatment takes a while but it is effective.

All that you need to do is to answer the questions below to get consultation for your treatment.


  • My daughter is improving a lot and had no vomiting , cough, even last month she had outside food , cold items ice cream, she is well she didn't had any health issues almost 95% better results after ur treatment. Appreciate u and ur service thanks for understanding the right problem and giving the...

  • Got medications for allergies. I should say I hardly got sinus and allergies Thanks for your treatment so far. We are extremely happy with everything Nikhil/R.NO: N1266/May '2017

  • I have improved a lot,No fever, no mucous formation in my throat/nose even if i took lassi, cold drinks continuously. Have started taking cold drinks &  Surprisingly, no pain/soreness in my throat. Otherwise, everything is fine. Thanking you, Karabi/Reg No:K-546/ April 2017

  • My capacity to eat/ drink cold stuff has improved by 20% at least. The medicines are definitely helping- Sanjay/Aug'2015

  • My daughter is doing fine (90%) and did not fall sick since she is been on Homeo treatment. —N.Nair/Reg No:N1054/May'2016

  • I am using this medicine from past 4 months, and what i have found till now is that if i contnue my medicine then the hair fall is not happening. --Lokesh

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