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The knee joint is formed by four bones namely the tibia, fibula, femur and patella. Any of the above four bones may be involved in causing the pain in the knee joint pain.

Causes of knee pain according to different age groups-



1. Strain of muscle surrounding the knee joint may lead to knee pain. One of the reasons for muscle strain is because of overexertion of the knee joint.

2. Sprain of ligament- The knee joint ligament connects different bones in the knee joint. When the ligament gets sprained [ligament tear] because of overexertion then the individual may experience pain.

3. Tendon is a structure which connects muscle with bone, when this tendon is inujured at knee joint space then one may experience pain.



1.The most common causes of knee pain in elderly individuals are osteoarthritis or degenerative disease of knee joint bones. As individuals grow older, the calcium level decreases and as a result their bone shows degenerative changes.
2.Hormonal fluctuations and calcium deficiency in women in the post menopausal stage causes joint pains.
3.Knee pain may also be due to less physical movement.


  • Using knee caps to support the knee joint while walking.
  • Exercising regularly
  • A calcium rich diet like milk, egg , leafy vegetables
  • Taking calcium supplement medicines.

Questionnaire for Knee pain

Homeopathic intervention at the right stage can give significant relief from pain and swelling. This system of medication has an edge over the conventional pain killers by providing relief which has a lasting effect. There is another distinct advantage it stops further damage to the cartilage thereby controlling the advancement of the disease.

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  • The medication was very useful and I seem to have improved tremendously on my allergic sinusitis and my stomach problems. Thanks and regards, Asha/Reg No:A2877/Aug'2017

  • My son is doing well sir. And he is getting better day by day and would like quote 70% better in his health. -Srinivasulu/Reg No 3651/July'2017

  • My daughter is improving a lot and had no vomiting , cough, even last month she had outside food , cold items ice cream, she is well she didn't had any health issues almost 95% better results after ur treatment. Appreciate u and ur service thanks for understanding the right problem and giving the...

  • Got medications for allergies. I should say I hardly got sinus and allergies Thanks for your treatment so far. We are extremely happy with everything Nikhil/R.NO: N1266/May '2017

  • I have improved a lot,No fever, no mucous formation in my throat/nose even if i took lassi, cold drinks continuously. Have started taking cold drinks &  Surprisingly, no pain/soreness in my throat. Otherwise, everything is fine. Thanking you, Karabi/Reg No:K-546/ April 2017

  • My capacity to eat/ drink cold stuff has improved by 20% at least. The medicines are definitely helping- Sanjay/Aug'2015

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