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Dr.Manoj's Homeopathy Treatments For Stammering/stuttering

Stammering and stuttering have the same meaning – it is a speech disorder in which the person repeats or prolongs words, syllables or phrases. The person with a stutter (or stammer) may also stop during speeches and make no sound for certain syllables. People who stutter often find that stress and fatigue makes it harder for them to talk flowingly, as well as situations in which they become self-conscious about speaking, such as public speaking or teaching. Most people who stutter find that their problem eases if they are relaxed.

We all have the capacity to stutter if pushed far enough. This may happen during a very stressful interrogation in a police station, talking to emergency services on the telephone, or trying to respond to a particularly agile and aggressive lawyer while on the witness stand in court.

Stuttering is common when children are learning to speak. However, the majority of kids grow out of this stage of initial stuttering. For some, however, the problem persists and requires some kind of professional help, such as speech therapy. It is important that parents do not add to a child’s stress by drawing too much attention to the problem when they are trying to communicate verbally. The calmer a child feels the less acute the symptoms tend to become.

What are the signs and symptoms of stuttering?

Problems starting a word, phrase or sentence
Hesitation before certain sounds have to be uttered
Repeating a sound, word or syllable
Certain speech sounds may be prolonged
Speech may come out in spurts
Words with certain sounds are substituted for others (circumlocution)
Rapid blinking (when trying to talk)
Trembling lips (when trying to talk)
Foot may tap (when trying to talk)
Trembling jaw (when trying to talk)
Face and/or upper body tighten up (when trying to talk)
Some may appear out of breath when talking
Interjection, such as “uhm” used more frequently before attempting to utter certain sounds

What causes stuttering?

Experts are not completely sure about the causes of stuttering. We do know that somebody with a stutter is much more likely to have a close family member who also has one. The following factors may also trigger/cause stuttering:

Developmental stuttering
– as children learn to speak they often stutter, especially early on when their speech and language skills are not developed enough to race along at the same speed as what they want to say. The majority of children experience fewer and fewer symptoms as this developmental stage progresses until they can speak flowingly.

Neurogenic stuttering – This occurs when the signals between the brain and speech nerves and muscles are not working properly. This may affect children, but may also affect adults after a stroke or some brain injury. In rare cases neurogenic stuttering results in lesions (abnormal tissue) in the motor speech area of the brain.

Psychological factors- it used to be believed that the main reasons for long-term stuttering were psychological. Fortunately, this is not the case anymore. Psychological factors may make stuttering worse for people who stutter, such as stress, embarrassment, etc., but they are not generally seen as underlying long-term factors. In other words,anxiety, low self-esteem, nervousness, and stress therefore do not cause stuttering per se. Rather, they are the result of living with a stigmatized speech problem which can sometimes make symptoms worse.
What are the risk factors?

Age when stutter starts- a child who starts stuttering before 3.5 years of age is less likely to be stuttering later on in life. The earlier the stuttering starts the less likely it is to continue long-term.

Time since stuttering started – about three-quarters of all young children who stutter will stop doing so with one or two years without speech therapy. The longer the stuttering continues the more likely it is that the problem will become long-term without professional help (and even with professional help).

Sex of the person – long-term stuttering is four times more common among boys than girls. Experts believe there may be neurological reasons for this, while others blame the way family members react to little boys’ stuttering compared to little girls’ stuttering. However, nobody is really sure what the reason is.

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Most people do not know that homeopathy has wonderful medicines for stammering problem. we have been able to help many patients including children who have been stammering and they respond extremely well to our treatment.

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  • I am overwhelmed by the way the medicines have responded. I am really thankful. --Srijan/Reg No:3878/Nov'2016

  • Sir thanks a lot for your treatment & medicines. It’s perfectly working 101%. I am feeling good. Now I can eat everything. Earlier I have done lot of treatments but no benefit and when I started to take your medicines, within a week I got result. --Anis, Saudi Arabia/Reg No:A2467/Nov'2016

  • My hair loss problem solved upto 50% from your first month's medicines. Thanks --Sachin/Reg No:3610/Oct'2016

  • I have been taking meds for the past 5 months and I have seen a lot of improvement after starting the treatment given by Dr.Manoj. --Shobha/Reg No:S4759/July'2016

  • My daughter is doing fine (90%) and did not fall sick since she is been on Homeo treatment. --N.Nair/Reg No:N1054/May'2016

  • Dr the wet cough is much better. After travelling back to the US I have noticed that the wet cough has improved significantly than it was in India. Thank you very much for your medicines which helped this long standing issue. --Diana/Reg No:3475/May'2016

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