Dr.Manoj Kuriakose has done his B.H.M.S (Bachelor in Homeopathic Medicine and Surgery) in the year 1990 (Reg No: 321) and has been practicing successfully since then. His father, late Dr.T.M.Kuriakose was a renowned homeopathic physician working for the Central Government Health Scheme. Dr.Manoj started his practice along with his father and has been running Dr.Manoj’s Homeopathy for the last 25 years.
Dr. Manoj has discarded the age-old practice of noting details to get an insight on the patient’s illness for hours together with insignificant questions. He has developed a term ‘pathological prescription’, which refers that a medical diagnosis of the case is made and is supported by the required investigations and then treated according to the diagnosis. This thoughtful approach has saved the patients and the doctors from losing time.

Homeopathy is known to heal diseases from its root which might take a long time. Dr. Manoj’s aim is to heal his patients in the shortest possible time, as he understands that in this modern age with the ever changing trends in lifestyle, time is the most precious commodity. Hence he has developed his unique way of relieving patients of their suffering, while maintaining the good old efficacy of homeopathy.

Dr.Manoj’s Homeopathy has a team of highly talented Homeopathic Doctors who specialize in taking care of their patient’s needs and health issues.

We believe in patient engagement policy being the first and foremost priority. Owing to this we make it easy for our patients to connect with us at any given point of time. We extend special services to each and every patient once they register with us with the privilege that Dr.Manoj’s becomes their family physician and whatever be the medical problem, however small or serious – it will be taken care of, by Dr. Manoj and his team of Homeopaths.

What our Patients say

  • Knee pain reduced to 70 to 80%

    Knee pain reduced to 70 to 80%.

    -Satyavathi/ Reg No:S6117/Oct'2017

  • TSH has decreased from 27 to 10

    I had come in with the complain of Hypothyroid. You had given me 3 months supply of meds. I have taken them now for 3 months, and have controlled my diet, and with this I'm happy to say my thyroid (TSH) has decreased from 27 to 10. Which I was very content with.

    Thank you for you expertise.

    Hiba/Reg No:H-535/ Oct'2017

  • The medicines are helping

    Pigmentation and dark circles is improving. The medicines are helping. Pls do not change them.

    Aparna/Reg No:372/Oct'2017

  • IBS and acidity almost cured

    I’m doing well after using your prescribed medicine for IBS and acidity. It’s almost cured and I’m very happy for that.

    Tarakesh/Reg No:Reg no 4144/Sept'2017

  • Totally healed of the itching around the groins ( 100%)

    I had taken medicine for itching in groins. Iam totally healed of the itching around the groins ( 100%)

    Dinkar/Reg Id :- 3532/Sept'2017

  • we are seeing much improvements

    I along my wife has been taking medicine from you for last 6 months & we are seeing much improvements.

    Khalid/Reg No:k988/Sept'2017


  • Constipation has improved tremendously

    Constipation has improved tremendously.

    - Aparna/Reg No: 372/Sept'2017

  • lot of improvement

    Seen a lot of improvement

    Shaily/ Reg Id :- S6156/ Sept'2017


  • Improvement in the overall condition

    There is an improvement in the overall condition

    P.Vijay/R.No: P1183/Sept'2017

  • we are seeing much improvements

    I along my wife has been taking medicine from you for last 6 months & we are seeing much improvements.

    Khalid/Reg No:k988/Aug'2017