In 2008 I had developed acute pain inside my knee and had been to a lot of doctors who suggested Xrays, CT scans etc etc and gave me many medicines but the pain still existed. Every report was normal which meant there was no problem with my knee. And that they would have to operate to see what the problem could be. One day before the operation I chickened out. Then I heard about a friend who had a back ache and her doctor too suggested an operation but she went to Dr. Manoj and is absolutely fine now. Thats when i thought to myself ive tried everythingelse why not give Homeo a try. I didnt believe in Homeo medicine and thought it was way too slow to treat a person of his/her ailment. I walked into Dr.Manoj’s cabin, and heard him greet me ‘Hi sruthi, How can I help you?’ WOW! for the first time I heard a doc not ask a problem but ask us how he can help me. I cried in pain while he checked my leg and then I heard him say ‘ Don’t worry I will first get you off your knee support in a months time and then slowly you should be able to walk normally’. For the first time in 5 months, I heard something positive. Thank you Dr. Manoj!–Sruthi S