Here is an update on my daughter Eesha’s condition: Eesha has been on your homeopathic treatment for the past 11 months. During that time, she has still had symptoms of environmental allergies and minor asthma. When we would notice the first sign of a viral upper respiratory tract infection or a flare of her allergy symptoms, we would start nasal steroids, inhaled steroids, bronchodilators and antihistamines. We have done daily nasal washes for the past 11 months. She has not had any significant asthma episodes but has had 3 sinus infections in the past 11 months. She also has not required any oral steroids during this time. We are on our last box of your homeopathic treatment. We would like you to prepare her next round of medications. We would also appreciate your thoughts on Eesha’s situation. We have family in Secunderabad and they will be contacting you. Thank you very much. —Eesha