Hi Dr. Manoj, Hope you are doing well. We are also doing well. It has been six months since we saw you in Hyd and I would like to update you with our progress. Rohan – Overall he is doing well, no significat eczema flare ups. However, the eczema patch are still on his back and hands. Much improvement is seen on his forehead, but around the eyes the darkness still exists and slighlty puffed up eye lid particularly the surface where they meet when we close eyes. His hair loss on the neck is reduced and hair is regrowing which is a good sign. Dilip – Run out of the medicines two weeks ago. No asthama, sometimes feels heavy and tight lungs during the cardio exercise, but recovers when stopped. No colds and coughs. Overall much better without any inhalers (preventor and reliever). I have not used them for 3 months. —Dilip