hello doctor my daughter zunnoorain who turn 5 this yr was under yr treatment 2 yrs back for sever tonsilities n common cold . n her {ref no was 1917 }however we discontinued after 5 months of the treatment as we moved to u.k due to my husbands job,and for the last one n half yr she was fine n was on good health , without any further medication but the tension begin only now, since last 3 month she is nat well as shes again got heavy cold flu with running nose n sore throat which sometimes gets worst at nights, she breath from mouth and has chesty cough n gets disturb at nights every now n then n snores loud which infact is vry difficult for her to breath n developed bad breath n also i see some rashes on her legs . well doctor me n my family ll be very thankful to u if u cold start treating my daughter again. —Zun noorian