Second Covid Wave around & How well to Defend!

The worst fear of the second wave of the pandemic has come true; we are standing in the epicenter and staring helplessly at it in fear. It’s not just you and me, even the scientific community and the authorities are staring at it helplessly!

They have shot all the arrows at it with the last one being the vaccine!

Initially, the vaccine manufacturers and authorities declared a war against the virus and stated success with a solution to eradicate the virus and the mutations. Unfortunately, later they said that, the virus was mutating and that there might be some issues with vaccines not able to help the variants, they came out saying that only after the second dose the vaccines would be successful, or that the gap between two doses has to be 4-8 weeks and not 4 weeks. New to them too, now they say that despite taking the vaccine you might get Covid, but a milder form of it; that there are too many variants of Covid and so on, the inference is left for us to understand. Nothing is seeming to help, it is only growing stronger, and mutating like crazy.

One tends to wonder if the vaccine was tested and released a bit too early,when there were only a few variants of Covid. May be a delayed release would have helped the vaccine cover more of the newer variants of Covid and could have been more effective.

If one were to look at a simple functioning of a vaccine it is given to target a specific virus, like chickenpox, measles, mumps, etc. Herewith hundreds of variants, it is next to impossible to create a vaccine that will cover all the variants.

Another lockdown is unthinkable in terms of the economy and for people’s survival. We all had hopes on the vaccines but now that also will take a while to know its final efficiency, so what do we have to look forward to?

The only possible solution to this is to enhance the body’s defense mechanism so that whatever is the variant of virus, the body has the capacity to fight it.

The human body is capable of fighting any invasion in a natural way, it has been doing so for centuries and the fight between the body and the invasion is going on every moment of our life even without our knowledge, to keep us healthy, that is why it is called as the body’s defense mechanism. Immunity of the body can be an analogy to our border forces not allowing the enemy to infiltrate, and the defense mechanism to the Army, fighting the invasion.

How does one improve the immunity and defense mechanism?

One of the most tested, proven, and safe way is Homeopathy. For centuries it has been proven again and again how homeopathy can improve immunity and strengthen the defense system safely. How many ever types of variants the Covid can throw at you, the body has the capacity to adapt and improvise and fight it. Homeopathy is known to empower the capability of the body to do so.

Going forward our body itself fighting the different mutants is the only solution. We just need to trust it!

Take care!

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose

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COVID Update: As on 16th April 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 1135 COVID patients & suspects. Click here for More COVID updates from Dr.Manoj

COVID Update: As on 16th April 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 1135 COVID patients & suspects. Click here for More COVID updates from Dr.Manoj