Are You Suffering From Piles? This Story Might Interest You

Some People Eat To Live, And Some, Live To Eat.

If Somebody Could Fit The Bill For The Latter, It Would Be Sameer.

Foods to Avoid with Hemorrhoids

Sameer Papisetty, 25 Years Old, Was A Foodie. Any New Restaurant In Town – You Can Be Sure That He Would Be One Of The First People To Try It Out And Review It Too. A Food Enthusiast, If One May.

But, That Gastronomical Adventure Didn’t Last For Too Long.

Sameer Wouldn’t Dare To Even Eat A Morsel. He Began Cutting Off From Food, Started Surviving On Just Fluids. No Wonder Then, He Began Losing Weight Like A Nightmare.

Well, That Wasn’t Actually The Real Nightmare.

You Would Be Wondering Perhaps As To What Really Happened To Him. Why Did His Love Affair With Food End?

From Constipation To Piles
What Began As A Few Instances Of Constipation Took A U-towards The Worst. In Fact, Sameer Never Had Any History Of Constipation. So, The First Time He Struggled To Poop, It Came As A Rude Shock. He Managed Those Times With Over-the-counter Medications, And Soon Enough, He And His Poop Resumed The Routine. But, The Newfound Relief Didn’t Last Long.


Constipation Relapsed, And Because He Loved To Eat, His Problem Became Bad. A Full Tummy With No Relief, He Began To Feel Bloated. Soon, It Started Causing Him Heartburn Too, And The Thought Of All The Food Sitting In His Tummy For Two Days Began To Consume His Peace.

When He Visited The Washroom, He Began Feeling A Mild Burning Sensation In His Anus, Which, Over The Course Of Time, Snowballed Into Full-fledged Pain. Then, A Few Drops Of  blood Began Trickling Down Too.

Poop Was Not A Matter Of Joke Anymore; It Was What Nightmares Are Made Of. With Such A Struggle In His Bowel Movements And Anus, Sameer Began To Grow Weary Of Eating. Gradually, His Food Consumption Decreased, And He Started Steering Away From Anything Edible.

The Painful Diagnosis
Then, He Decided To Visit A Doctor. Multiple Probing Into His Sensitive Places And Several Pricks To Collect Blood Samples Revealed That He Was Suffering From Stage 4 Hemorrhoids.

Piles Grades

After Multiple Visits To The Doctor, Waiting In Line To Be Checked, The Verdict Was Very Clear. His Treatment Was Beyond The Scope Of Medication. The Piles Had Reached Its Most Aggressive Stage, Where Surgery Looked Like The Only Option.

As Scared As He Was Of Pooping, He Was Also Scared Of Surgery. But, That’s What The Doctor Recommended. Sameer Began To Have Sleepless Night Worrying About His Painful Pooping, As Well As The Impending Surgery.

Painless And Effective: Homeopathy

When One Of Sameer’s Colleagues Saw Him Suffer Both From Pain And Fear, He Suggested What Seemed To Like A Great Alternative: Homeopathy. Initially, Sameer Had Dismissed The Idea. Upon Coaxing From His Family, He Had Slowly Begun Preparing Himself For The Surgery As He Thought This Would Be The Only Way In Which He Would Not Be Spending The Rest Of His Life In Struggling To Empty His Bowels.

Homeopathy For Piles

After Much Thought, The Fear Of Surgery Pushed Him To Exploring The Options. When He Typed ‘Homeopathy’ On Google, There Was Plenty On Offer. Reading Up About It Gave Sameer A Little Bit Of Encouragement. When He Started Considering Homeopathy As A Serious Alternative, He Decided To Look For Who Would Be The Best Doctor. After Much Research, He Chose Dr Manoj’s Homeopathy As The Best Option, And Of Course, The Informative Blogs On The Website Added More Value.

But Then, He Was A Little Shy To Meet The Doctor Personally. So, He Availed Our Online Consultation Just To Test The Waters, And During The Consultation, He Clearly Understood Why He Had, In Fact, Made The Right Choice.

He Was Asked Several Questions About His Symptoms And Other Health Issues, But What Pleased Him Was How Well The Whole Session Was Handled By The Doctors. They Asked Him About His Family, Tried To Understand The Genetic Make-up And Requested Him To Provide Other Vital Details. In Fact, He Was So Impressed, That He Continued Consulting Us Online, Because It Was Convenient And Effective.

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The Road To Recovery

Sameer Began Taking The Treatment Without Fail. With No Diet Restrictions, His Condition Began To Show Significant Signs Of Improvement. While The Bleeding Had Stopped Completely, Even The Pain Was Not As Bad As It Was. Gradually, The Pain Subsided Completely, And Sameer Was Able To Poop Better. His Bowel Movements Regularised, And One Fine Day, Sameer Had His First Normal Motions!

The Piles Had Actually Gone. There Was No Surgery, No Instruments Poking His Sensitive Parts And No Painful Blood Tests. Just Sugar Coated Treatments That Worked Like Magic!

Today, Sameer Has Dinner Plans With His Friend – After Months! He’s Begun Looking Healthier, And Of Course, Happier.

That’s What We, At Dr Manoj Homeopathy Intend To Do. We Want To Take Care Of Your Health Issues Without Inflicting Pain. So, Don’t Suffer In Silence. Choose Homeopathy,

Homeopathy Brings Health And Happiness!


Dr. Manojs Homeopathy Is Run By A Team Of Highly Talented Homeopathic Doctors Headed By Dr. Manoj Kuriakose. All The Doctors Are Well Trained And Are Capable Enough To Take Care Of The Need Of Patients For All Their Ailments. Dr. Manoj Has Developed His ‘unique Preparation Of Homeopathic Remedies’ Which Are Effective In Treating Numerous Health Conditions For Patients World Over. Those Wanting To Consult Dr. Manoj Can Visit Our Clinic Or Get An Online Consultation For Piles Through Our Website Which Is Designed To Your Comfort Of Having A Consultation With The Doctor, From Any Corner Of The World.

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COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials

COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials