3rd wave affecting children?

It is predicted that the 3rd wave of covid is going to affect mostly the children.

Now I have no idea how they could come out with a statement like this. personally, I feel this is a very damaging statement.

A year and a half ago we messed up the older people and those with underlying conditions saying that covid is very dangerous for them. They are still scared and worried and vulnerable.

Now we are preparing the kids to be scared of the virus and conditioning their minds.

Let me explain.

When the kids are small we tell them don’t get wet in the rain you will get fever, Dont drink cold water your throat will pain etc. The kid gets wet in the rain and invariably he gets a fever. This is because he believes you and you have conditioned his mind. This exactly what you will be doing with him by telling him, be careful, don’t go out, don’t touch here and there you will get covid. Trust me most kids who are conditioned will end up getting covid..

These children are bubbling with energy, we have kept them indoors for the past 1.5 years,no school, no games, not meeting friends how much more can you scare them, how much more can they be careful.I am already getting calls from parents enquiring how to protect the kids from the 3rd wave

I am asking you what is your problem if your kid gets covid? He is not like you and me, he has a fantastic immune system that will take care of him even if he gets covid.

We should just stop messing up with their minds or precondition them about the covid and its gory tales.

My team and my have already treated numerous kids who were covid positive with simple medication .we had children aged 1 month,5, 8 months 1 year 2 years and so on and all of them are doing well.

Put your child on the immunity drops and the chances are that he may not get covid or he may get covid but won’t even realize it,or he may get a very mild attack which will get sorted with very simple medication.

If there is any sign or symptom of covid in your kid just get in touch with my team or me and we will take care of them.

Take care.

– Dr.Manoj Kuriakose