A Homeopaths tribute to an Allopath

Nothing is more important for your health and when you go to a doctor, you must believe that your doctor also feels that way. One of the first steps towards getting effective treatment is to have faith in your doctor, because that goes a long way in not just helping you recover physically, but feel better mentally as well.

When you approach an allopathic doctor with your discomfort and diseases, the only intention he or she will have would be to give you relief and to do so, they will prescribe what they think is best for you .

Remember, the moment you have decided to approach a doctor for their advice and treatment, you have given them the permission to take the decision on your behalf.

Now, while you bear that in mind, you must understand that while taking the decision which is in your best interest, your doctors know both the benefits of the medicine as well as the side effects too.

To arrive at the best decision, they have to study your case.

What you need to understand is the fact that the side effects of these medicines do not affect around 80% of people taking it but it badly affects the remaining 20%.

It is impossible to know who might suffer from side effects and who might not. They still have to take a decision taking into account the 80% who have benefitted from the medicine.

Suppose the doctor is conservative and is worried about the side effect and treats you with caution ,chances are that you will not respond then you go to the second and third doctor till you get an aggressive treatment . One needs to look up to the doctor with the trust that he will take the best possible decision for you.

When someone shows severe side effects due to the medicines everyone must understand the fact that the doctor who prescribed medicines had only good intentions and the best for you in mind. It is never the fault of the doctor, it is how the system of medicine is and you have approached them to help you and they are doing the best they can.

The only solution to the problem is an integrated system of medicines. Now, to make your treatment more effective, one must look beyond the limited knowledge of only allopathy and explore the benefits of alternative medicine as well.

Everyone knows the efficiency of the allopathic system of medicine and how it can be most useful in the acute and severe conditions or to broadly say that it is the first line of treatment.

Everyone including the allopathic doctors are aware of the benefits of AYUSH systems of medicines. They would have either heard or would have experiences from their patients or family particularly in chronic diseases.

Alternate systems of medicines from AYUSH should simultaneously be started and once the patient feels better taper off the medicines which are giving side effects .

The only stumbling block here would be to grow beyond trying to find out which system of medicine is better and to look at the larger benefit that integrated system of medicines can do to humanity.

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose