Boost immunity to stay protected from the new strain of Coronavirus

Different strains or mutations are not something new, we have been hearing about it since the beginning of COVID.

All the treatment and vaccine protocol is aimed at the specific variant of the virus, that's how the modern system of medicine works but the ever-changing nature of the virus has become a huge challenge.

Millions of dollars were spent to come out with a vaccine and I hope it does not go waste due to the ever-changing nature of the virus.

What we need to do here is not just focus on researching the virus which is so unpredictable but also focus our energies on building up the immunity which everyone including the WHO says is most crucial.

Ayush systems of medicine like Homeopathy yoga and Ayurveda are and have always focussed on improving the immunity of an individual.

It's simple logic that if immunity can be improved then whatever strain or mutation of the virus, it does not matter.

There is a need to pool our traditional knowledge together and work together with the modern system of medicine and come out with an integrated solution to the COVID.

Personally from our clinic, there are thousands who have taken Homeopathic medicine both as preventive and immunity boosters and have benefited and are safe.

While whatever research is being done by the modern system of medicine for a cure or a vaccine, our country with such vast knowledge about traditional systems of medicine should focus on improving the immunity of the population

This would be a safe and affordable option that the govt should think about and should introduce it at the same time get these scientifically validated through clinical trials.

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose