Coexistence- Allopathy and Homeopathy

Hope you and your family are safe and following the norms laid down by our Government to keep yourselves safe.

Have you, your families and your staff taken the homeopathic immune boosters which are provided free of cost at the clinic for these times?

If you have not yet taken it please pick it up because, I strongly believe that it will surely improve your immune system, and make you less susceptible to the corona infection. It must especially be given to the older people at home and those with an underlying health condition .

Let me also add here that in case you come across anyone who is positive for corona, please tell them to continue whatever allopathic treatment they are taking, but along with that, ask them to take homeopathic medicines too. They can contact their local homeopathic doctor who will be more than happy to help them.

The allopathic doctors are doing their best to treat the positive cases, and are still struggling to find the right course of treatment; while they are doing their best, we Homeopaths would also like to be of any help that we can extend too.

Most of you who have been my patients all these years, would have experienced that we have been treating symptoms of cough, cold, fever and body pains very successfully over the years, and as you know corona also comes with similar symptoms. We may not be able to do much once the case is advanced because, that is when the skills of the allopath will come into play, but we are very sure of taking care of you if you reach out to us in the initial stages itself. It is not a question of which medicine is working here, during these testing times the priority is to help people suffering with the corona.

It would be best to use a combination of both allopathy and homeopathy for all patients having corona, both the systems have co existed since time immemmorial, and I have personally been treating patients for the past 30 years along with allopathy, and have not seen any thing going wrong.

Not getting into the discussion of which system of medicine is superior I strongly suggest every patient of corona should be treated with both homeopathy and allopathy.

I can't help but remember a quote by U Thant which goes like this The concept of peaceful coexistence has been criticized by many who do not see the need to make the world safe for diversity. I wonder if they have ever paused to ask themselves the question: What is the alternative to coexistence?

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose