I had a close friend who came home to see me , he continued to wear his mask as he spoke. After a few minutes I became very uncomfortable and I just couldn't continue my conversation with him something was missing .I just could not connect with my long time very dear friend.Then I requested him to take off his mask and then I felt normal conversing with him.. I CONNECTED WITH HIM.

Those who have been coming to me for treatment for the last 30 years can relate to what I mean because all my life my interaction with patients who came to me was always with an emotional connect it never was a transaction .If you noticed I don't spend time on physically examining anyone,it was always a connect that i made with the whole of you.Your face is the index of your emotions,the face is what expresses your innermost feelings.Haven't you noticed your likeness or dislike of a stranger the movement you see the face.Face exudes a persons vibe or energy .

The Second way to understand a person inside out is when they bear their soul and open up to someone this happens when you speak out without any inhibition or any fear of being judged, this always happens in a conversation with a doctor as most people have immense faith in their doctor and have no fear of being judged.

Me and my team of doctors have always believed in connecting with people who come to us as we strongly believe that we can deliver our best only when we connect well with the patient.

If I start seeing the patients at my clinic there is an atmosphere of fear . Clinics are place there is a collection of people having some health issues and there is chance of a larger spread.How much ever social distancing we maintain,we may not be able to stick to it just because we are not used to it and as in Indian culture we are used to being in close proximity .There is always a fear that the guy sitting next may be a carrier of covid.In this scenario there is already an air of fear and distrust while waiting to see the doctor once you come in all you would want to do is finish the process and get out into the open and breathe freely .In all these complicated emotions where will you connect with the doctor.Remember those visits where you went out of the clinic feeling good and relieved.You will still do the same but for different reasons.

Have you all realised that you were hardly falling sick the last 2 months of your life,you hardly needed to visit the doctor for yourself your parents or your kids,this is primarily because you haven't been eating out nor exposing yourself to the pollution and of course you are more relaxed and happy.Why not continue to do these things for another 3-6 months till we all feel that we are safe from the Covid .

There are a few doctors started seeing their patients in a very innovative way. I saw a video in which the doctor is sitting in a room with his protective gears and the patient is standing outside the room and communicating to the doctor through the grill,I am sure the intent of those doctors are to be available to their patients but Unfortunately I refuse to have such kind of a connect with my patients who have placed their trust in me for the last so many years.With the technology that is available to us I and my team of doctors would prefer to see or hear you without a mosk through an audio or video call and connect with you and understand your problems and help you rather than seeing you at my clinic in a mask.

Let me also add something about the Covid here.I have been closely working with frontline doctors and am also involved in some research regarding the covid.The govt has relaxed most of the rules,they have done it for economic reasons but trust me The covid is no where gone,It is only going to get worse.My advice to all of you specially the older and the ones with health issues stay safe for another 3-4 months at least.

Just to remind you Me and my team of 7 doctors are available for an audio or video call for all your medical needs. please call us if you need any help .We strongly believe in first connecting with our patient to undestand them better and then treating them!

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose