Corona virus – Preventive

Homeopathic immune boosters which are available at the clinic will improve your immunity, these are more than enough as a preventive .

But the biggest threat here is the FEAR factor.

When humans face a threat, first the body freezes, then it decides to 'fight or flight'.

The freeze zone is the moment our brain is deciding, and it's at this weakest moment our immunity is compromised, and we catch infections!

No point in spreading forwards which are causing more panic and fear.Dont let your body freeze in fear. Just be confident about your immune system which has protected you in all these years of human existence.

Preventive Medicine dosage :

5 pills under the tongue once daily at anytime for 10 days. Give a gap of 15 min before or after food. Give a gap for a week again take it for 10 days

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose