Corona: life after 21 days lockdown

Our generation would have never experienced unknown fear like this! It's straight out of a Robin Cook novel or a blockbuster movie!

Fear that has affected EVERYONE. Fear that has affected all of humanity not discriminating the rich, poor, the Christians, the Hindus, the Sikhs or the Muslims.

There is a slump in the economy, there is a global shut down, the global economy will crash and the rich will definitely suffer. There will be better distribution of wealth in this world .

The poor will suffer too, as they don't know where their next meal will come from.The rich cannot survive without the poor, but they can't take the risk of having them come home. So now, they are doing their own chores; they now, will hopefully realise how much another fellow human struggles to earn what he is paid by us, they will finally, hopefully, realise the dignity of labour. They will hopefully stop hoarding,they will hopefully start helping others and finally we will become humane human beings!

The rich nations will realise how all their richness could not save them!

Heard of a few ashrams shutting down ,those very Godmen who ware omnipotent till yesterday are human today.

It's the survival of the fittest, this is the test of nature!

We may end up losing a few dear ones, but then unfortunately that's how it works, don't get me wrong here. The best we can do is to keep the older and the one's with underlying health condition safe and indoors. Do not expose them at all.

We need to realise that we are nothing but energy. Without our energy or the vital force the physical body is nothing and cannot exist. It's only when our energy gets blocked by an emotion like fear, that energy levels deplete, and we allow external threats to affect us. The homeopathic immune builders which you have been taking, keeps the energy levels in balance so that you are protected.

Fear is highly contagious, however intelligent you are when you are surrounded by fear your reason and logic goes out of the window!

The only way out of this is not to be afraid. Just trust that wonderful immune system which has protected you for generations. The moment you panic, it attack you! Every one who panics are more likely to get it! Can you not do this for your own self; something that's in your own hands?

The next 21 days we are giving our Mother Earth a chance to re boot itself. Hopefully, it should be long enough for it to recoup, and then we can go about exploiting it again for the next 100 years or so, and then we deal with this again; or do we get sensible?

Just Imagine after 21 days when you go out; you travel the same road that you have been travelling all your life, but look around, it will seem so different. The air will feel different because there will be a reduction in the pollution and the ozone layer would have healed, the air you breathe will be crisper, the pulse of the environment very divine! You will have so much positive energy around you because hopefully most people would have finally realised what life and living is, in these 21 days. Every one around you will be looking at life differently. Doctors and scientists will stop looking under the microscope for answers; they will start looking beyond the microscope at the possibilities which are endless! I can only think to myself of the beautiful lyrics of the song by Louis Armstrong What a wonderful world!

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose