My take on the 9 minutes

In my 30 years of practice as a Doctor, I have seen that whenever I treat a patient, it was always my 'INTENT' to heal that has helped the patient the most. I have always transferred healing energy into all my patients with my most sincere intent to help. I have also transferred energies through my Homeopathic medication and have always seen the best results!

Have you ever experienced the good vibrations or energy when you visit a holy place like a temple, mosque, church, or a gurudwara. What you feel is the positive energy around that place because each and everyone who comes there, has only positive thoughts and energies.

When the entire country lights a lamp at 9 pm, everyone will surely have a prayer on their lips, and a common intent in their hearts, praying to that Universal force that has many names.

Imagine when all of us, all over India, at the same time wish the Universe for just one thing, imagine the strength of all our energies put together. Can you fathom that, it would be absolutely pure, electrifying energy!

I expect the cloud of fear energy which is surrounding us to be replaced by positive energy, which will hopefully help us tide this time.

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose