Note from Dr.Manoj

With these untimely rains in Hyderabad, and a fickle weather, there are more chances that you may end up with a cold, cough, and a fever, which is more likely to be viral.

Right now every cold cough and fever will be screened more for covid than a viral fever.

If you have been a responsible citizen, been following social distancing, and you do not have a history of travel, or been in touch with anyone who has travelled in the past 21 days, the chances are, that it is a simple viral. All you need to do is take the SOS cold-cough-fever homeopathic medicines which are available with you; if not you can pick it up from the clinic and when the fever is more than 100 take crocin. You will most likely recover in 3-4 days with a little cough remaining.

If you panic, rush out of the house and go to a hospital, there is more chance of you catching covid because your resistance is low, as your body is fighting the viral infection.

Be in touch with your doctor on phone, and only if the doctor feels the need to physically see you, step out and visit the doctor.

-Dr. Manoj Kuriakose