Overcome lockdown Uncertainty!

It is the uncertainty, that's making the lockdown so tough for most of us to handle. Even a borderline intelligent person will calm down if he knows when the lockdown will stop but the uncertainty surrounding it will make even the most intelligent and evolved person go crazy. Unfortunately, not even the best intelligence agencies in the world know when this will end. Everyone, including the world leaders and the most powerful people on this earth, are only hoping and praying that this will end soon. Uncertainty is bound to be around till the end of this whole drama.

How can we overcome this uncertainty?

We need to understand that, amongst all age groups, the kids and the teenagers are the most restless and eager to do something all the time. We need to be sensitive towards this fact & understand their behaviour during the lockdown. We should not judge them with the way they are during this period. It is next to impossible on a normal day to make them sit at home; imagine what they must be going through not knowing when all this will end.The parents should sit down with them, have a chat with them about the situation and make them aware of the reason this is being done. They should encourage them to start doing something constructive from home. No point being behind them all the time, ranting, you are watching tv all the time or are on the phone or listening to music ,etc. What else can they do? It's your problem if you can't sit peacefully like them and listen to music the whole day.

The next group that is mostly affected are the older people. They not only are scared about the corona but they also miss their morning walks and getting out of the home. They are more uncertain about getting back to normalcy because they know that even if the lockdown is over, they still can't go out immediately as the rest of the family will be protective about them.

The next is the people who are working and the house wives.They have taken over the responsibility of everyone else. They too are affected like the rest but they won't show it .They have uncertainty about their jobs, salaries, rents, future, etc.

This period of lockdown is, according to me, one of the best breaks ever. In the past, whenever you took an off, in back of the mind,weren't you worried about how your competitor could overtake you? This fear will be there if you are a businessman or a professional. This is, possibly, the only break that you will get in this lifetime, where you know the no one can overtake you as the whole world is in pause mode. Make use of these stress-free days that nature has given you.Take time to look inwards and contemplate on the life that has gone by and the life that's ahead of you.


The uncertainty of the lockdown is playing havoc with people of all ages. It is ruining the economy. People in the U.S have come out onto the streets and more will start coming out. If it happens in India, it will be a catastrophe. One cannot blame the people or the government. People are desperate and the Government is trying to do its best.

It has to become a self lock down. Each one has to take up the responsibility and lock down people above 60 and those with medical conditions. It should become an individual responsibility to safeguard the vulnerable people. It should not be the government's responsibility.

Explain to the older people and make them comfortable on a floor or restrict them to certain parts of the house. I am sure if you explain the reason to them they will understand. Take good care of their needs and their medication. This is possible only if you are making some money and that is possible only if you have work, which will happen only if the economy can be revived.

So, those below 60 and healthy, can & should start leading a normal life and get back to work.Yes, there is a small risk involved but it's a very small risk, because if you do get the corona, there is a huge chance that nothing will happen to you, but this small risk is worth all this UNCERTAINTY.

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose