Protect Yourself with a Protective Shield around You

I am sure you are doing your best to keep the corona virus away. Is there anything more you can do about it? If you can please do it from this moment.

Once you do your best and secure your surroundings, you begin to feel safe, and you give out positive energy around you. Then, you get a whatsapp forward about how many more people are effected, how many have died, how the virus is spreading like wild fire, how the most advanced nation also could not do anything, how it has began to spread through air,mosquitoes,etc etc. Have you even realised what this is doing to you? Can you do anything more than what you are already doing? The more information you get, the more you begin to get scared, and it will only convert your positive energy into negative energy. That is all those messages are doing!

Now if you are a group of tourists walking on a deserted street and there are a group of thieves, who do you think they will attack? Or, if there are a herd of deers and the lioness wants to find her prey, who do they think they will select and attack?It's always the most scared one! This is because the one who is scared gives out a different kind of energy around him/ her which can be sensed by the robber or the lioness.

By feeding your brain with a lot of unnecessary information with which you cannot do anything more than you already are, you are only increasing your chances of being attacked by the corona virus, don't you think?

You cannot help receiving those absurd forwards, a lot of idle minds and devil's workshops in the present lockdown scenario, but you definitely CAN help not reading or watching them and MOST IMPORTANTLY you can also stop the forwards with you. Not only are you getting affected by them, but you are spreading the fear to your loved ones, your friends and collegues. Before you forward anything give yourself a moment and think, is this forward really going to help or cause more damage.

Be safe ,stay indoors and envelope yourself with the positive energy, trust me the virus cannot penetrate your positive energy shield! Stay safe even in your mind as we cannot go outdoors right now, but we can definitely go within ourselves; trust me it's the best place to be in!

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose