Questions about the second wave of COVID

1)According to official sources, the second wave is more dangerous, spreads fast, and killing more people!

The second wave is spreading faster for sure, there are various reasons for it. For the 1st time, the officials are confirming that it is airborne and not just droplet infection,and anything that is airborne cannot be controlled. I think it was always airborne because if it was droplet spread then only a few in a group can get infected not most people like in Markaz or Kumbh Mela or a wedding or a party. The dangerous and fast spread happened because people got fed up and decided to let their guard down causing a sudden spurt of cases and now with cases rising there is again panic and shortage of beds in hospitals contributing again to more deaths.

2) The second wave is killing more people!

I don't think so for the simple reason that in the number of people infected in the second wave is so much more and so relatively you are seeing more people dying.

3)About Vaccines

Though there are various reports and studies published about people getting infected even after the second dose, reports about people dying due to vaccines. Blood clots due to vaccines. Mutations happening due to vaccines. Long-term side effects of vaccines. The fear is so much that people will go for whatever is available to protect themselves and rightfully so.

Arnica 200 is an over-the-counter medicine available in any homeo stores, take it morning and bedtime from the day of the 1st jab for a week and repeat it for the second jab too. This is a very safe medicine and this could possibly reduce your chances of getting a clot post-vaccination.

4)Best line of treatment once tested positive!

I can only share here my experience of treating more than 1100 covid patients and suspects

  • a)Those who were tested positive but had no symptoms or very mild symptoms were treated with Homeopathy and Dolo 650 if they had a fever. None of them were advised to go in for any blood test or CT scan and all of them recovered without any complication -The best results so far.
  • b)Those who had mild symptoms like cold cough fever body pains, throat pain were treated with Homeopathy, Dolo650, and an antibiotic as suggested by the allopathic physician. None of them were asked to do any blood test or CT scan and all of them recovered well but took a little longer for recovery
  • c)Many of my patients went on to get testing done due to pressure from the family and friends. Among them those who had high D-Dimer, C reactive protein and those whose CT scan showed some changes in the lungs .started on Antiviral, Antibiotic and some of them on steroids and these people went into a lot of suffering both emotional and physical, some of them had to be admitted, some had to be on oxygen but all of them recovered, took longer than the first 2 groups and some of them also developed post covid complications which will take few months to subside.

5)What would I do if I test positive?

I know for a fact that in my 52 years of existence whenever I fell sick my body would tell me that there is something wrong by giving out some symptoms or discomfort and I would seek medical help. I will still believe in my body's ability to warn me if something was grossly wrong. There could be 1% cases where people are dying without any warning but I will take my chances with the 99% and not torture myself thinking about the 1%.I will get myself treated as the 1st group and not get worried because if I am asymptomatic or I am having mild symptoms I know for a fact that my immunity is working great for me and I will let it take care of the virus-like it has done for the past 52 years of my life.I will not unnecessarily compromise my immunity which is doing a good job by taking strong medicines.

Hospital beds in most cities are full, this is happening because of unnecessary admissions due to fear and this is, unfortunately, adding on to the panic and denying help for those who truly need it.

Stay calm once you are diagnosed, be in telephonic touch with your allopath and Homeopath and make sure you don't panic because when you are in a panic the doctor treating you will not take chances with you, he will just ask you to get admitted. Use your common sense and logic, look at what is happening around you, look at the number of people who are recovering without any complications which is almost 99% of them don't fall for the 1% who are suddenly dropping dead and to all the WhatsApp forwards, these might consume you forever.

Take care and stay safe, follow the guidelines laid down by the government.

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose