Updated Preventive Protocol

My research team and I have been in the thick of the action for the past year and half pursuing many projects on COVID and are happy to share that we have successfully treated more than 1600 COVID patients and suspects, some with Homeopathy alone, and some with a combination of both Homeopathy and Allopathy.

We are continuing our efforts and ensuing clinical trials with AIIMS .

Our country is now exploding with the virus, and the mainstream medical system is facing issues with a shortage of beds, medicines, medical staff, oxygen, vaccines, etc. There is mass hysteria, and a lot of fear, all over the country.


The feedback on the immunity drops has been excellent. It is not only protecting against COVID, but most people on immunity drops have not even been getting the usual cold and cough that they get with every change of season


Our think tank has been researching the preventive and the immunity aspect, and we have updated our protocol with updated medicines and dosage to aggressively counter the virus explosion and also to be prepared for the upcoming 3rd wave. Our think tank has decided to merge both preventive and immunity drops as one. A lot of thought has gone into the making of the new protocol. We have taken into consideration the behavior of different strains, the symptoms, the high virulence and the aggressive spread of the new virus etc. The new combinations being used have been researched in detail, and the intention of giving it is to boost your immunity levels and keep it at the highest.


The following are the advantages that is expected out of the new protocol.

  • 1.With your immunity levels at the optimum, your chances of getting the virus are very less.
  • 2.Even if you get the virus you may have no symptoms, and you may not even know that you got COVID
  • 3.You may get COVID with very mild symptoms. This will prevent it from going from mild to moderate or severe stage and you will recover with simple medication within a week to 10 days.
  • 4.We have taken also into consideration that when you start the preventive if you already have COVID without your knowledge, these medicines will help you recover from the initial stage of the COVID infection.

Let me add a point here that a study shows that there will be a third wave which is expected to majorly affect those below 18, hence I would suggest that you start the younger ones including all kids on the immunity drops.

Dosage of the new immunity drops

1-2 drops directly on the tongue and consume once daily. These medicines are absolutely safe and can be taken by anyone of any age, including infants, pregnant women, and lactating mothers. It can be used along with your regular allopathic medicines, with a gap of half-hour. It can be taken with a gap of 15 min before or after food.


We are happy to inform that we are having a major breakthrough in the curative aspect and hence the curative protocol remains the same.

I have been constantly updating videos on YouTube to keep you informed on the latest updates on COVID and how to deal with various aspects of COVID. There are important videos uploaded like “Most sensible way to treat COVID” and, “What to do when you have symptoms of COVID”. If you have not subscribed to it, please go ahead and subscribe as I believe it has information that can be very useful. Click here to subscribe to youtube.

Please continue to trust me and my team as you have done all these years, and we will continue to take care of you and your family.

– Dr.Manoj Kuriakose

NOTE: We will be more than happy to bear a part of the cost if any of our medicines are being used for charity purposes. Please contact Mr. Maju Kuriakose on 9989255155 for the same.)