Why Allopathy and Homeopathy should be taken together to treat COVID

Allopathic treatment for COVID will depend on the following:

D-Dimer, C-Reactive protein, CT -score. Oxygen saturation, extend of lung involvement etc

Depending on the above the following may be prescribed :

Anti-viral, anti-parasitic, h.c.q, antibiotics, steroids, plasma therapy , external oxygen support BiPAP, CPAP or ventilators.

Let’s assume you are on the ventilator,

If you are 50 plus and have either BP or Diabetes, from the moment you are covid positive you become anxious, some people go into panic mode and some into extreme fear and panic.

During the journey from being covid positive to the ventilator think about all the emotions that your mind goes through!

Anxiety, fear, panic, Fear of death, fear of the unknown, worry about near and dear ones, financial insecurities, and so on . As long as you are in the hospital you will be scared and when you are scared, your breath becomes too shallow or too quick thus pooling in co2 and you become breathless.

Don’t you think it is important to treat your state of mind along with your physical condition?

Don’t you think that your panic breathing will settle down only if your mind calms down?

Who is treating your state of mind ?


Homeopathy is the only system of medicine that treats the state of mind in all diseases apart from the physical symptoms.

It is very important to treat the anxiety and fear because only then will the panicky breath become normal and only then the oxygen saturation will improve.

Allopathy and Homeopathy complement each other one treating the physical symptoms and the other the Mental symptoms ensuring complete holistic recovery.

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose