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Dr.Manoj's Homeopathy Treatment For Corns

Corns and calluses are thickened layers of skin caused by repeated pressure or friction.

Causes, incidence, and risk factors:

Corns and calluses are thickened layers of skin caused by pressure or friction on skin. A corn occurs on the top or side of a toe, usually from shoes that do not fit properly. A callus occurs on your hands or the soles of your feet.
The thickening of the skin is a protective reaction. For example, farmers and rowers get callused hands that prevent them from getting painful blisters. People with bunions often develop a callus over the bunion because it rubs against the shoe.
Neither corns nor calluses are serious conditions.


  • Skin is thick and hardened.
  • Skin may be flaky and dry.
  • Hardened, thick skin areas are found on hands, feet, or other areas that may be rubbed or pressed.
  • Pain in the affected area.

Questionnaire for Corns

– What have your treatment options been so far?
– Take painkillers?
– Get it surgically removed? In almost all cases they come back.
– Corns are a tendency which needs to be treated to stop them from coming back.
We get numerous patients suffering from corns.They either have a single corn, multiple corns or corns which have come back even after corn cap or surgical removal.Our Homeopathic medication helps in all these cases. Our remedies not only gets rid of the existing corn but also prevents further corn formation.

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Patient Says

  • Warts: Completely reduced. Corn: 80% reduced. --Nidhi/Reg No:N1069/Oct'2016

  • If there is any rating agency to recognize Homeopathy clinic services being provided across the country I would rate Dr.Manoj's Homeopathy as one of the best in terms using treatment procedures, technology, approach towards storing and packing of medicine and fixing dose along with proper booklet...

  • I had corn in my right foot and i was applying ur remedies as prescribed by you. Suddenly last one month i never had pain in that corn portion and the corn came off gradually.I have attached the photo after corn removal. I am feeling greatly releaved. --Uma Sreekumar

  • I wish to inform you that I am about to complete three and half months course and now feeling much relieved in my foot pain and the corn is also now disappeared. Now while walking bare feet also I do not feel any pain nor any discomfort. It seems like that treatment is effective and I feel much b...

  • I am SHEELA. Previously i have taken the treatment for corn problem. i completed the medicine for one month. It is healed --Sheela

  • Hi Dr Manoj, I visited you for healing of corn in my feel and gout. The Corn healed well in November time frame. Thanks for the effective medicine. I have controlled my BP to constant 120-125 and 80 to 88. I am continuing to show progress by diet and exercise. I intend to continue my gout medicin...

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