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Dr.Manoj's Homeopathy Treatment For Ganglion

A ganglion cyst is a tumor or swelling on top of a joint or the covering of a tendon (tissue that connects muscle to bone). It looks like a sac of liquid. Inside the cyst is a thick, sticky, clear, colorless, jellylike material. Depending on the size, cysts may feel firm or spongy.

Ganglion cysts most commonly occur on the back of the hand (60%-70%), at the wrist joint, and can also develop on the palm side of the wrist. When found on the back of the wrist, they become more prominent when the wrist is flexed forward. Other sites, although less common, include these:

  • – The base of the fingers on the palm, where they appear as small pea-sized bumps.
  • – The fingertip, just below the cuticle, where they are called mucous cysts.
  • – The outside of the knee and ankle.
  • – The top of the foot.

Ganglion Cyst Causes:

The cause of ganglion cysts is not known. One theory suggests that trauma causes the tissue of the joint to break down forming small cysts, which then join into a larger, more obvious mass. The most likely theory involves a flaw in the joint capsule or tendon covering that allows the joint tissue to bulge out.

Ganglion Cyst Symptoms and Signs:

  • – The ganglion cyst usually appears as a lump (mass) that changes size.
  • – It is usually soft, anywhere from 1-3 cm in diameter and doesn’t move.
  • – The swelling may appear over time or appear suddenly, may get smaller in size, and may even go away, only to come back at another time.
  • – Most ganglion cysts cause some degree of pain, usually following acute or repetitive trauma, but up to 35% are without symptoms, except for appearance.
  • – The pain is usually nonstop, aching, and made worse by joint motion.
  • – When the cyst is connected to a tendon, you may feel a sense of weakness in the affected finger.

Questionnaire for Ganglion

What have your treatment options been so far ?
Only surgical removal is the option and in most cases it always comes back.
We have treated numerous cases of ganglion and have practically been able to help everyone get rid of the ganglion with homeopathic medication and without any surgical intervention. We have had people coming to us with recurrence after a surgical removal so our medication not only removes the ganglion without surgery but also prevents it from coming back.

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Patient Says

  • I am overwhelmed by the way the medicines have responded. I am really thankful. --Srijan/Reg No:3878/Nov'2016

  • Sir thanks a lot for your treatment & medicines. It’s perfectly working 101%. I am feeling good. Now I can eat everything. Earlier I have done lot of treatments but no benefit and when I started to take your medicines, within a week I got result. --Anis, Saudi Arabia/Reg No:A2467/Nov'2016

  • My hair loss problem solved upto 50% from your first month's medicines. Thanks --Sachin/Reg No:3610/Oct'2016

  • I have been taking meds for the past 5 months and I have seen a lot of improvement after starting the treatment given by Dr.Manoj. --Shobha/Reg No:S4759/July'2016

  • My daughter is doing fine (90%) and did not fall sick since she is been on Homeo treatment. --N.Nair/Reg No:N1054/May'2016

  • Dr the wet cough is much better. After travelling back to the US I have noticed that the wet cough has improved significantly than it was in India. Thank you very much for your medicines which helped this long standing issue. --Diana/Reg No:3475/May'2016

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