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Dr.Manoj's Homeopathy Treatment For Grey Hair

Gray hair results from a reduction of pigment, white hair has no pigment. But why this happens remains somewhat of a mystery.

Initially, hair is white in colour. It gets its natural colour from a type of pigment called melanin. The formation of melanin begins before birth. The natural color of our hair depends upon the distribution, type and amount of melanin in the middle layer of the hair shaft or cortex.
Hair has only two types of pigments: dark (eumelanin) and light (phaeomelanin). They blend together to make up the wide range of hair colors.
Melanin is made up of specialised pigment cells called melanocytes. They position themselves at the openings on the skin’s surface through which hair grows (follicles). Each hair grows from a single follicle.
As the hair is being formed, melanocytes inject pigment (melanin) into cells containing keratin. Keratin is the protein that makes up our hair, skin, and nails. Throughout the years, melanocyctes continue to inject pigment into the hair’s keratin, giving it a colorful hue.
With age comes a reduction of melanin. This turns hair gray and eventually white.

Questionnaire for Grey Hair

Homeopathy surely helps in with premature greying of hair. In our experience we have been able to help patients below the age of 25 to stop greying. We surely do not claim to turn their grey hair to black but can see that further greying can be stopped.

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Patient Says

  • Dear Doctor, Taking the prescribed remedies, the graying of my hair is now in control. And there is no noticeable increment of Gray hair. I want the further treatment. --Harshit/Reg No:R.No. H377/July'2015

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