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Dr.Manoj's Homeopathy Treatment For Lichen Planus

Lichen planus is a chronic mucocutaneous disease that affects the skin and the oral mucosa. It presents itself in the form of papules,lesions or rashes that is due to inflammation. The rash is characterised by small flat-topped bumps with rough,scaly patches on the skin or in the lining of mucous membranes(of mouth or vagina)

The cause of lichen planus is not known.It is not contagious and does not involve any pathogen.
Stress-some lichen planus type rashes occur as allergic reactions to medications for high blood pressure.
– heart disease and arthritis.
– may be associated with hypothyroidism in young females.

Symptoms :

The onset of Lichen planus can be sudden or gradual. The bumps with angular borders and violaceous colour. The major point of distinction of lichen planus from eczema,psoriasis and other common rashes is its colour-violet.

Itching depending upon its intensity.
An excess pf pigment, hyperpigmentation may develop in the affected skin as lesions persist.

INVLOVEMENT OF SKIN-consists of flat-topped violet spots.The rash tends to heal with prominent blue-black or brownish discoloration that persists for a long time. The most commonly affected sites are on the inner wrists ,forearms,lower legs just above the ankles and lower part of the

INVOLVEMENT OF MUCOUS MEMBRANE-oral lichen planus may manifest in three forms as white lacy streaks,smaller papules on the mucosa. or bullous form presenting as fluid filled vescicles or erosive form with erythmatous(red)ulcerated areas. lichen planus can also affect the female genitals including vagina.
Types depending on the site involved :

-palmoplantar lichen planus(lichen planus of palms and soles)

-mucosal lichen planus(oral,vulvo-vaginal)

-lichen planus of nails

-lichen planus of scalp

Questionnaire for Lichen Planus

Traditionally in allopathic treatment there is no treatment for lichen planus. except steroid application externally or oral steroids which control the problem. Homeopathy has been very successful not only in containing the disease but also in curinge it completely very safely. The treatment could be long drawn but it is worth it as it is the safest form of treatment available as of now.

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Is there any black discoloration in the affected region ?

Is there any scaling in the affected region ?

Is there any dandruff present ?

Lots of stress in life

Are your nails discolored or disfigured ?

Have you got any investigations done? (If yes, then please mention the details of the results in the 'more symptoms' column)


Patient Says

  • I started noticing brown/black 2-3 mm leaf shaped patches on my face about 2 years back.These were diagnosed as lichen planus, a disorder which has no total solution in allopathy. The spots were multiplying very fast & I was extremely distressed.A friend suggested Dr. Manoj’s name.And guess w...

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