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Dr.Manoj's Homeopathy Treatment For Pimples/Acne

Acne is skin disease occurring on the face and is mostly seen in women characterised by redness of the skin, and pimple formation. It commonly occurs in skin where there are more oil secreting glands or what we call as sebaceous glands like face, upper part of the chest and back.


These pimples usually occur in teenagers during adolescence where there are hormonal fluctuations. Thereafter acne disappear on its own once hormonal fluctuations become normal i.e by the age of 20 to 25. Excessive intake of oily food or chocolates is known to cause pimples.


-Itching , pain and discharge are the main symptoms in those who suffer from pimples.
-Scar formation once the pimples heal is another major symptom which has some psychological effect on all individuals who suffer with pimple.
-Pigmentation of skin is another symptoms in those who suffer from pimples


-Eating oily food.
-Eating chocolates which have excessive amount of fat, which may predispose skin to develop acne.

Questionnaire for Pimples/Acne

Acne is an age related problem . we have been able to not only stop pimples from coming up but we have also been able to help patients get rid of their scars.

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Patient Says

  • If there is any rating agency to recognize Homeopathy clinic services being provided across the country I would rate Dr.Manoj's Homeopathy as one of the best in terms using treatment procedures, technology, approach towards storing and packing of medicine and fixing dose along with proper booklet...

  • I tried allopathy for almost 2 years for my moderately severe acne. And even though it did reduce the acne a little it did not aim to treat the cause of what was actually causing the acne in the first place. Thanks to Dr. Manoj's expert diagnosis and medicine I hardly break out any more. I really...

  • I had come to you all because of my acne problem and its been a lot better. Ever since I came to you about two months ago I have only had about two pimples. --Ms.Shah

  • I have completed my another 4 weeks time of treatment.So sending update on the same. Now pimples decreased by 50% thus progress is seen. Regards, -S.Manikyam/Reg No:S5310 , January 2017

  • I have completed my another 4 weeks time of treatment.So sending update on the same. Now my pimples are reduced by 90%. -Sudha/Reg No:S5310/January 2017

  • My pimples are reducing at a good rate -P. Agarwal/Reg No:p1465/March'17

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