Dr Manoj’s Diet Plan

Let me make one thing very clear before I start; I am not here to change whatever you have been eating for the last 20 , 30 , 40 or, 50 years. You’ve been doing well. You’re not showing any symptoms of deficiency or malnutrition;you’re having your own issues,but then you’re surviving fine. I’m not changing that about you, infant I want you to continue with the same kind of food that you’re taking. I’m not going to correct your food, nor am I going to correct any nutritional values you have been following.

I am here to ask you to eat the same thing,which I am sure is nutritious as everyone today is particular about the nutritive value of the food they consume, but am only saying less QUANTITY,- a Palmful!
If you want to read the concept behind the diet please read my earlier write up on ‘How Much to Eat and What to Eat’.

So how do we implement this in our day to day life?
Our stomach is the size of our fist. I want you to take a bowl which fits on to your palm with the outer edges not going over your fingers. Take some cooked rice/roti/dal/vegetables/meat/noodles,or whatsoever your heart desires, put it in the bowl. The size of the bowl indicates how much of food you should eat at one point of time. It would seem very less when you look at it initially. You don’t have to stick to that in the beginning for 4-5 days. You can have a little more than that and slowly bring it down to the size of that bowl. So fill that with whatever you want, In the morning it can be cornflakes,poha,upma,bacon,sausages,fruits,egg, or whatever your heart desires. You fill it in that bowl and you must eat only that much.

Food usually takes four hours to get digested in the stomach depending upon what kind of food you are eating. You go on to the next meal only when the stomach has been emptied.

I think we are all like alcoholics, foodaholics! We crave for food!

We are used to eating so much for the past so many years of our life,its not easy to cut down on the quantity of food. It will take a while for the stomach to get used to the (small for now) required quantity of food that we have started . In the first 1or 2 hours you’ll feel very dissatisfied with what you’re eating. You’ll want to go back and eat just like an alcoholic would want to go back for a glass of alcohol! You need to be strong here !

You need to be able to differentiate between

You will keep getting hunger pangs, may be a little stomach ache, you’ll feel uncomfortable in the stomach initially for the first two days, change in bowel habits etc, but just ignore all these . Your stomach is calling out for the excess food that it’s been used to for so many years. Do not give in to that!

Do something to keep yourself busy. Go out, do some retail therapy, watch a movie, meet up with friends, do whatever it takes to keep you from giving in to the food call. The first three, four days are crucial, that’s all. After that, your stomach will get used to it.

But at any time, you might feel a dip in energy levels, you might feel tired, you’re having to sit down and not feeling too good; honestly it’s very, very unlikely to happen. Trust me, I’ve been doing this for a few weeks and the only thing that has happened to me is a surge in my energy levels. The energy levels have really, really shot up after I have stopped consuming so much food . The only reason is because all that energy that used to go into the digestion of all that food is now saved .

After about 4-5 hour, don’t eat because you are supposed to eat. Eat only when you feel that you need to eat for energy. It can be four hours for somebody, five for somebody or even six hours; it’s up to you. Again,essentially you have food at 8:00 am ,12:00 noon , 4:00 pm,and 8:00 pm, and if you wish again at 12:00 midnight. Take a palm full of whatever you want to eat in that bowl that you have kept aside. In between if you wish, you can have water, buttermilk, coconut water, green tea, but liquids only.Pl note that People having acidity should eat every 4 hourly once acidity is better can increase gap to as long as you feel

Basically when we eat the enormous amount of food that we are used to eating, our stomach which was originally the size of a fist keeps growing, just the way a balloon does.The stomach is capable of digesting only a particular amount of food, but we are always overloading it with food. In fact, we are giving it double or three times the quantity of food that it can digest. So partially digested food is what is being sent down from the stomach to the rest of body. This partially digested food is what causes all the diseases that we have.

There is a lot of energy required to digest the food in our stomach, when the quantity is more, the brain senses that the stomach needs more energy, hence all the energy that is necessary for the functioning of the entire body is sent to the stomach, the rest of the body is deprived of energy and healing that it requires.

That is why any disease which has got a link to diet, like, diabetes ,blood pressure, cholesterol, uric acid,arthritis,gall bladder stone, kidney stone,migraine,auto immune,skin issues etc, are all caused due to this partially digested food and low energy to the rest of the body .

I am not stopping you from having sugar. I’m not stopping you from having oil, you can eat whatever you want, but I am only insisting on the quantity of food. Now, let me give you a scientific explanation to this also.

A bariatric surgery is basically done for obese patients to lose weight. A bariatric surgery is where they do a surgery and reduce the size of the stomach and people lose 20 kgs, 30kgs, and most get rid of their diabetes/ bp etc. We are trying to do the same bariatric surgery here by declining your stomach the amount of food that it was always eating. As you eat lesser and lesser every day your stomach is so capable that it will shrink back to its original size. Over a period of time, the stomach will automatically shrink to a size which could have otherwise been achieved by a bariatric surgery. This is just a natural way of doing it.

What is your hesitation in trying this out? What are you going to lose in the whole thing? I’m not asking you to stop what you’ve been eating all your life. In fact, I am asking you to eat a lot more variety than what you’ve been eating in your life. If I were to tell you that by doing this for about three months time, a lot of your diseases like BP,diabetes, thyroid, skin issues, joint pains, migraines, uric aid, cholesterol ,uric acid, hair fall, pimples, etc will get in control and you will for sure drop a lot of weight, would you still hesitate?

Why does it make sense to eat less? Let’s assume that you’re eating a biryani or an ice cream; you start off with a biryani, the first bite of biryani is amazingly tasty. The second bite again is wonderful, by then u discuss with the people around you that the food is awesome, then again you continue to eat and make social conversation until your plate is empty. Then again you go in for a refill and by the end of it you feel stuffed, sick, and wonder why you ate so much! The same thing happens with the ice cream, its always the first couple of bites, and the last bite which is tasty, the rest of it, you just go through the process of finishing the food, and you’re not enjoying the taste of every bite of the biryani or the ice cream that you’re eating. You’re trying to finish what is on the plate.

Instead, if you would select a small bowl, put the biryani in it, spread it out on a plate, and then you start eating very slowly, bite by bite. Whatever little you’re eating, knowing very well the quantity thats there for you to finish, you will enjoy every bite of what you are eating! Whether it’s a biryani, whether it’s an ice cream, whatever it is, it’s meant to be enjoyed. Every bite needs to be tasted and enjoyed.

When you smell good food, saliva is produced, when you taste good food, more digestive juices are produced; these juices are very essential for digestion, so it is important to eat tasty food. If you eat food you don’t like it won’t get digested .Good and tasty food is something that everyone loves to eat,why deny the pleasure of tasty food when you can eat whatever you want ,the only catch here,is the quantity.

Enjoy life to its fullest.

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose

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  1. Sushma says:

    Thankuuu so much Dr ?

  2. Srikanth Raju says:

    Thankyou so much sir, but still I have a concern about the people who have health issues like diabetes, obesity, kidney disorders etc which are learnt to be hereditary, will this diet plan works for them ?

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