Myth : Homeopathy is an unproved science.

Homeopathy depends on experimental and pharmacological data. Homeopathic medicines have been exclusively researched on for their competence in varied evidences. Principles of homeopathy are generally based on sound logic and experimental proofs.

Myth : Homeopathic medicines are sugar pills and don’t really possess any medicinal value as such.

The white sugar pills, are not of much medicinal value, but act as vehicles or for alcohol-based medicines. The effect of homeopathic medicines has been observed and well researched on infants and unconscious patients. Homeopathic medicines can be consumed directly or by dissolving in water. Homeopathic medicines have been researched on since ages all over the world by renowned scientists and is found to be effective on the assorted range of diseases.

Myth : Homeopathy is a slow acting medication process.

Homeopathy acts rapidly in acute conditions and is most effective on infections, cold, cough, allergies, sinusitis, loose motions, headaches, tonsillitis, stomach pain and many recurring ailments. It works like antibiotics nullified side effects. Most people recourse in homeopathy as an alternative treatment for chronic ailments which unfortunately take longer to treat because of the delay. Homeopathy also is aided to prolonged cases of arthritis, allergic asthma or skin disorders etc., that take time to heal, with any other medication.

Myth : Homeopathy - A ‘magic remedy’.

Homeopathy is just another system of medicine. It has it’s own limitations and cannot treat cases that require surgical treatments.

Myth : Homeopathic doctors are quacks who have no formal training in Medicine.

Homeopathy is practiced by qualified homeopaths and is a complete clinical study altogether. In India, there are more than 200 homeopathy medical colleges with a global count being close to 500, which offer a basic degree and postgraduate curriculum in Homeopathy. As on date, there are close to 2,00,000 qualified and skilled homeopaths in India and at least half a million of them across the world.

Myth : Dietary restrictions for homeopathic treatment.

Some patients are asked to avoid certain food types and some particular foods and beverages like onions, garlic, coffee, tea, tobacco, alcohol etc. as these food compositions might have unwanted reactions with certain homeopathic medicines.

Myth : Homeopathy is only useful in chronic cases and does not have much effect on acute ailments.

Where every other treatment has not worked people often turn to homeopathy with their prolonged ailments getting onto an uncontrollable stage. After constant allopathic treatment, any illness becomes chronic. Using homeopathy from the very start helps in reducing the recovery period. But to answer the myth, homeopathy is equally effective for both acute and chronic ailments.

Myth : Homeopathy cannot be used for diabetic patients.

Homoeopathy can definitely be an effectively in the treatment of diabetes. The main concentration is on the functioning of the pancreas producing insulin at right intervals and amount. Patients who come with insulin replacement are advised to continue the replacement while starting homeopathic treatment for them. After few months, when the blood sugar levels are noted to be in control consistently, the patients are weaned off the conventional replacement treatment. Symptomatic treatment can also be a way to keep the sugar levels in control.

Myth : All the medicines are same white pills. Are they effective?

Depending on the type of illness, homeopaths provide medication. The sugar pills act as vehicles for the medicine to transfer. The medicine that is selected, is out of a variety of over 3000 different dilutions and is inclined towards the curing of individual’s problems.

Myth : Are there really no side effects of homeopathy medicine? How does Homeopathy work?

Likewise any other medicine, homeopathy medicines must be used with utmost caution. For chronic ailments, careful consumption with proper analysis and consultation by a qualified homeopath is necessary. So, homeopathy has absolutely no side effects if taken under the expert’s advice.