Have A Child With ADHD? You Need Homeopathy’s Help!

Imagine This: You’re At The Supermarket, And You See A Kid Playing Around. Cute, Right? Now Imagine The Kid Breaking Into A Fit Of Rage And Throwing A Tantrum, While The Parents Hover Around Helplessly.

What’s The First Thing That Comes To Your Mind?

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“What A Badly Brought-up Kid!
Why Are The Parents Not Doing Anything About It?
I’d Never Raise My Kids That Way”.

Tad Bid Judgmental?

No Parent Wants To Raise Their Kid Badly, No Parent Wants To Stand Around Doing Nothing. Maybe, The Child Has Clinical Behavioural Issues – ADHD.

As Parents, All Of You Would Want Your Child Or Children To Be The Best They Can Be. It Doesn’t Matter What Aspect Of Life Is In Question Here. Whether It Is Behaviour, Values And Virtues, Academics, Sports And So On.

Sadly, Lives Are Judged With More Of How People Do In These Aspects Of Lives, Rather Than What They Actually Are. This Often Might Be Pressure, But It Is Life. So Pressure Is Complimentary.

But What If Your Children Are Rebellious, Have No Respect For Others, Are Poor In Academics Because Of Their Attention Span, Cannot Perform In Sports And To Add To It, Having Countless Emotions Inside Them But Are Not Able To Express It? Doesn’t The Pressure Double Up Right There?

But Does It Sound Like Someone You Know?

Well, It Does Sound Like Someone You Might Know Right?. Some Or All Of These Traits Are Something You Might Have Seen In Kids These Days. Gadgets Have Stolen Their Need To Communicate And Express Themselves And Things The Children Seen On The Internet Are Just Too Good To Be True.

You Might See A Number Of Children In A Day. Some Children Are ‘well Behaved’ But Some Continuously Throw Tantrum Or Have No Regard For Behaviour Per Se.

What Do You Do? You Automatically Have A Thought In Your Head That The Child Must Be A ‘spoilt And Attention Seeking Person’.

Well You Are Right. And Wrong. They Are Not Spoilt, But They Might Be Seeking Attention. Now There Is A Term For This Kind Of Behaviour Many Of You Might No But May Have Not Paid Any Heed About – ‘Attention Seeking Hyperactivity Syndrome’. In Short, It Is Popularly Known As ADHD. Rings A Bell Now, Doesn’t It?

What is ADHD

But What Exactly Is ADHD?

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Syndrome Is A Disorder Which Is Complex Yet Common And Affects Children To A Great Extent.

Primarily, ADHD Revolves Around And Affects Key Skills And Functions Of A Child. These Include The Skills To Organise, The Ability To Focus And Use Their Memory As Well.

It Is A Little Confusing Right? You Might Think That If These Are The Skills ADHD Targets, Then In That Case, Almost All Children Have ADHD Because All Of This Is Normal For A Child Or Even An Adult. That Is The Stereotype Of Children. They Are Impulsive, Hyperactive And They Surely Lack Attention And Love Distractions.

But Some Differences In Brain Wiring And Anatomy Causes A Child To Have ADHD. According To Most Studies, A Child Can Develop ADHD By The Age Of 7 And If Ignored, It Can Affect The Child Even In The Later Years Of Adult Life.

Have You Seen Children Who Do Not Show Any Kind Of Difficulty In These Aspects At All? Sure You Have Because There Are Many Many Children Who Do Not Display Any Kind Of Issues When It Comes To Memory, Organising And They Are Calm As A Cucumber.

There Are A Number Of The Symptoms Which Affects The Ones Who Are Not Calm As A Cucumber And Might Be Affected With ADHD.

Symptoms And Signs Of ADHD Are Very Important To Diagnose As That Would Be The Base Of The Future Of Your Child. If Not Diagnosed At All Or Not Diagnosed Accurately, Parenting And Childhood Will Be A Bumpy Ride Filled With Anger, Disagreements And Maybe Hatred But Ultimately, Less Love.

To Eradicate Any Kind Of Doubt, The Symptoms And Signs Are Laid Out. Right Here –

Signs of ADHD

Focus On Self – This Is Perhaps The Most Common Sign You Might Witness In Children Irrespective Of Having ADHD Or Not. All Children Think About Themselves And Themselves Only, Right? But This Self Focused Behaviour Can Drive A Child To Not Even Think Or Try To Think About The Needs, Emotions And Desires. This Is Something What ADHD Is Responsible For And Also Results In The Following Symptoms.

– The Other Important Symptom Which Can Often Be Misunderstood For General Behaviour Is Continuously Interrupting Others While They Are Speaking. Their Lack Of Patience To Wait Their Turn Is Something Which Is Common In ADHD.

Emotional Distress – Most Children Who Have ADHD Or Might Have ADHD Often Have A Lot Of Trouble Expressing Their Emotions. Their Inability To Do Makes Them Expect That People Will Understand What They Is On Their Mind But When It Does Not Happen, It Adds The Fuel To The Already Fired Brain.

Fidgetiness –  Most Children Cannot Sit Still. They Usually Always Need Something To Play Or Fidget With. Fidgetiness Is Also Another Symptom Of ADHD When Children Or Adults Find It Difficult To Stay In One Place Or Move Uncontrollably If Ordered To Stay In A Place.

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Difficulty In Finishing Tasks – Due To Their Limited Attention Span, It Becomes Difficult For The Ones Suffering From ADHD To Complete A Specific Tasks. This Eventually Disrupts Almost Each And Everything They Do In A Day.

Lack Of Focus – “You Are Not Supposed To Behave Like This, Learn From The Other Children About How…..”. This Is A Common Lesson Which Most Parents Give Their Children. But When You Think They Are Paying Attention Or Focusing On What You Are Saying, They Are Actually Not. If You Ask Them To Repeat What You Said, They Will Not Be Able To Do So. Lack Of Focus Is Another Symptom Of ADHD.

So Many Signs, So Many Symptoms And Lastly So Many Suggestions But Then Nothing Seems To Work Out?

Want To Try A Different Method?

Most Of Us Know That A Psychologist And Therapy Is The Answer For Helping Someone With ADHD. But What If There Was Another Way, It Might Not Be Conventional, It Might Not Be A Popular Opinion, But What If It Actually Works?

Sugar Pills To Calm Your Children Down?
Throwing Tantrums? These Sugar Pills Might Help Your Child.

Now, Let’s Not Take This The Wrong Way. Sugar Pills Are A Hint. The Non Conventional, Not Popular Way To Help A Child Of ADHD Can Be Homeopathy.

It Is True That Most People Do Not Even Think Of Homeopathy To Treat A Neurological Disorder, People In India Didn’t Know About Psychology And Mental Illness Until A Few Years Back. But Homeopathy Is Something Else.

Homeopathy for ADHD

How Does Homeopathy Help With ADHD?

The Number Of People With ADHD Have Been On Rise In Recent Years.This Situation Demands Safe And Innovative Treatment Options To Maintain Optimum Level Of Functioning Especially In Kids.

There Is Need For Integrative Approach When It Comes To The Treatment To Be Whole And Effective. Homeopathy Along With Occupational And Speech Therapies Serves This Exact Purpose. Homeopathy Accelerates The Process And Time Involved For Changes To Occur. Success Of Homeopathic Treatment Totally Depends On The Ability Of The Homeopathic Doctor To Choose The Correct Remedy For Each And Every Child. So, It Is Very Essential For Parents To Have Total Trust And Confidence On The Doctor Before He/she Starts Treating The Child. We At Dr.Manoj’s Homeopathy Work Exactly On This.We Take Our Own Time To Talk To The Parents And Examine The Child And Identify His/her Issues And Start Focussing On Them.

Though All Children Are Diagnosed To Have ADHD, Manifests Different Behavioural Patterns And That’s Where The Skill Of The Homeopathic Doctor Comes Into Picture And He Should Be Open To Different Treatment Options Along With Homeopathy For The Maximum Benefit Of The Child. Homeopathic Medicines Given To Treat ADHD Act On Both Physical And Emotional Planes Of The Child. On The Physical Level, They Increase General Immunity Of The Child, Improve Digestion,regulate Sleep Pattern And Bowel Movements. On The Emotional Plane, They Make Children More Happy And Calm ,bring Down The Aggressive Behaviour.

Homeopathic Medicines Stimulate The Natural Healing Powers Of The Body. Though The Changes In Physical Symptoms Can Be Seen In Few Weeks, It Takes Few Months To See Tangible Changes In Behaviour.

There Are Many Myths About Homeopathic Treatment Like:

– Can It Be Taken Along With Allopathy?
– Is It Slow In Action?
– Are There Any Side Effects?
– How Much Is It Going To Take?
and So On.

Unlike Allopathic Medicines Which Have A Lot Of Side Effects ,Homeopathic Medicines Are Absolutely Safe And Can Be Taken Along With Allopathic Meds Without Any Worries. Duration Of Treatment Differs From Patient To Patient.

Tiny Globules Of Sugar Mixed With Medicines Or A Cure? Sounds Good Right?
So Next Time You Feel That Your Child Is Having Another Episode And Nothing You Do Is Helping, Visit Us Or Book An Appointment With Us At Dr. Manoj’s Homeopathy And We, Here Will Understand The Pulse Of Your Child And Take Steps To Calm Them And The ADHD Down.


Dr. Manojs Homeopathy Is Run By A Team Of Highly Talented Homeopathic Doctors Headed By Dr. Manoj Kuriakose. All The Doctors Are Well Trained And Are Capable Enough To Take Care Of The Need Of Patients For All Their Ailments. Dr. Manoj Has Developed His ‘unique Preparation Of Homeopathic Remedies’ Which Are Effective In Treating Numerous Health Conditions For Patients World Over. Those Wanting To Consult Dr. Manoj Can Visit Our Clinic Or Get An Online Consultation For ADHD Through Our Website Www.drmanoj.com Which Is Designed To Your Comfort Of Having A Consultation With The Doctor, From Any Corner Of The World.

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COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials

COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials