I am 43 year old. I have psoriasis on my scalp and body since I was 16. I have been taking medication ever since, but tired taking allopathy. I mmostly have it on scalp, too much itching, scaling, dandruff and hence hairfall. I have some on my skin too. Lately I have been worrying too much and I see a huge increase in this problem. I live in bangalore.

My nephew is 21 year old suffering from Epilepsy for last 4-5 years. Is there any treatment for him too?
Please reply.



Thanks for contacting us.Yes we can definitely help you in taking care of psoriasis , treatment is a bit prolonged, but it is effective and is much safer than any other option available.For your cousin in epilepsy through proper treatment we can reduce the attacks and gradually  will help to stop it.You can contact us at :http://www.drmanoj.com/onlineconsultation/

Source: Patient Query


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