Homeopathy: A painless, safe and natural treatment for piles

Jayesh (name changed) was jogging with his friends. After that, he would go home, freshen up, have some breakfast and head out to work. One of his goals for the new year was to focus on his fitness and rightfully so. He had added a few kilos over the last few months of previous year and he was focussed on shedding the extra gains.

It started out like a usual day – an early morning struggle to wake up. But, once he was up, he was more than enthusiastic to run and get fit. However, while he began running, he felt the urge to go to the washroom and relieve himself. Obviously, because he wanted to finish his run, he thought a little longer wouldn’t hurt. While the feeling of fullness continued through the run, he dismissed it as one of the after effects of a heavy dinner, which he had been feeling guilty about any way.

Once he was back home, he rushed to the washroom to take care of the business of the rear end. While he expected things to happen very swifty, he was surprised to note that it was taking longer than usual. He thought of it as an impact of holding his poop in for longer, but he was done with a big game of candy crush, yet nothing was happening down there. Dismayed, he left for office thinking everything would be alright, but he was in for another surprise. 

For days together, he couldn’t get things moving down there. What was worse was the fact that he was suffering from unbearable pain down there. This pain had taken such a bad turn that even a simple activity like sitting down was hurting him badly. He felt like he had added on a few years to his age in the way he was sitting and walking. His morning routine had gone haywire. Unable to pass stool properly, every time he was forcing the act, he was ending up in pain and even some streaks of blood on the pot. Therefore, he had started avoiding his morning jog completely.

What’s wrong with Jayesh?

Jayesh is most likely suffering from hemorrhoids or piles. If that name sounds scary, the experience isn’t pleasant either. Your anus has a lot of veins. Due to several reasons, these could have swelling, that are known as hemorrhoids or piles, which causes restriction in the anal canal. This restriction can in turn, cause problems with passing stool, as in the case of Jayesh. Contaririly, difficulty in passing stool can result in the hemorrhoids becoming worse as the swelling becomes bigger and more painful. 

Hemorrhoids or piles can occur in four stages. 

The first stage is when the swelling lies inside the anus. The hemorrhoid might bleed, but will not prolapse or come out. 

In the second stage, the bleeding might be accompanied by pain and the hemorrhoid is likely to prolapse, but will retract on its own. 

In the third stage, there will be pain as well as bleeding. The hemorrhoid will prolase, but will not retract on its own. It might need assistance in the form of a finger pushing it in for the hemorrhoid to retract.

The fourth stage, which is the most severe stage, the hemorrhoid will prolapse and will not retract. This stage is the most painful as the external hemorrhoid will cause an interference with walking, sitting etc.

In Jayesh’s case, he was suffering from the first stage, as he did not feel any lump or swelling in his anal region. However, the bleeding and difficulty in passing stool meant that he had hemorrhoids and needed treatment to take care of it. 

What Are Jayesh’s Options?

Traditionally, many people suffering from first stage hemorrhoids are asked to work on their diet and lifestyle. Eating plenty of fibrous food and drinking lots of water can help the excretory system to a great extent. In many cases, the problem of piles or hemorrhoids resolves on its own. However, the hemorrhoids or piles can happen again. This means that there is always the fear of a relapse of the painful problem of piles or hemorrhoids. 

Then, of course, is conventional medicine. In that option, Jayesh will have to go through of investigative tests that are 

  1. Tedious
  2. Painful
  3. Embarrassing

Once the tests confirm that it is indeed a case of hemorrhoids, Jayesh will be suggested treatments for hemorrhoids that are 

  1. Tedious
  2. Painful
  3. Embarrassing

These treatments for piles or hemorrhoids have a long recovery time and getting back to normal, whether in terms of work or in terms of excretory routine will take a while. Even then, there is no guarantee that the condition of piles or hemorrhoids won’t relapse. In fact, one of the biggest side effects of this type of surgical intervention for hemorrhoids can often be stool incontinence because of a damage to the sphincter muscle – the muscle responsible for control of stool. 

So, What Should Jayesh Do?

In cases such as hemorrhoids where conventional medicine is high on pain but has no guarantee that a painful condition like this won’t relapse, people are generally lost. Jayesh was no different. Pain could be a solution to pain, but how permanent would the results be? What if, after undergoing a painful treatment for piles, the condition relapses? 

After doing thorough research, Jayesh understood that the only solution to piles or hemorrhoids is not a painful surgical intervention. Homeopathy seemed to be very effective in dealing with a condition as painful as hemorrhoids and many people had vouched for homeopathy treatment as being the best for piles. 

Is it true?

Yes, absolutely. 

Wouldn’t it be great for Jayesh if he could consult a doctor from the comfort of his home, without embarrassment, talk to them about his problems and get treatments for piles delivered to his doorstep? Well, some dreams do come true and in this case, Dr Manoj’s Homeopathy, the pioneers for homeopathy in India, have made it possible. 

At Dr Manoj’s Homeopathy, empathy, intertwined with expertise in the field and effective remedies at hand make recovery successful and long-lasting. With piles treatments tailor-made to suit each patient, Dr Manoj’s treatments are free of side effects. This means, there is a piles treatment that comes without pain or side effects. To add to that, all the treatments are natural and completely safe to consume, without interfering with the usage of any other medication. 

That said, homeopathy for piles at Dr Manoj’s Homeopathy focuses on the symptoms as well as the problem. This two-pronged approach makes sure that the treatment is not a temporary relief. It makes sure that holistic solutions are delivered and the condition is nipped at the bud. 

With easy to consume medicines and an effective relief for the problem of piles, why would it not be the best treatment for piles or hemorrhoids?

Jayesh decided to opt for homeopathy and he never got a chance to regret it. 

But, Jayesh is not the only one who has piles. There are thousands of others who are stuck between pain from piles and pain from piles treatments with no guarantee of permanent relief. For such people, homeopathy can be a blessing. If you happen to know someone like that, pass on this information. It can certainly make a difference. 

About ‘Dr.Manojs Homeopathy’:
‘Dr.Manoj’s Homeopathy’ was set up in the year 1990 with the aim to provides comprehensive health care techniques which make Homeopathy a healing source for all ailments. Dr.Manoj has been successfully practicing Homeopathy since the last 30 yrs and over the years has developed his ‘unique preparation of homeopathic remedies’ which are effective in treating numerous health conditions for patients world over .Dr.Manojs Homeopathy has a team of highly talented homeopathic doctors who are well trained and capable to take care of the need of patients.Those wanting to consult Dr. Manoj can visit the clinic or get an online consultation through www.drmanoj.com which is designed to your comfort of having a consultation with the doctor, from any corner of the world.

(PS:Contrary to popular belief, homeopathy is not slow at all. In fact Homeopathy is now fast, effective and ensures that there are minimum chances of recurrence. With a neat symptom-based approach, homeopathic treatments are convenient and have a very high success rate.)

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COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials

COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials