Homeopathy For Fibromyalgia

Body pain, these days is a very common condition among people of all age groups. You are likely to suffer from it if you exert yourself, carry something heavier than usual or if you walk or keep standing for a long time. Body pain can also be caused due to this condition called fibromyalgia which affects the entire body.

The thing with this condition is that it’s symptoms are common to the extent that you might confuse it with other conditions as well, specially when you suffer from more than one chronic conditions. Hence, it is very important to see an experienced practitioner who’d be able to diagnose your condition and treat not just the symptom but the cause of it too.

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Fibromyalgia is a long-term disorder associated with widespread pain in the muscles, areas of tenderness, and general fatigue. Symptoms like these can’t be determined or measured by tests because of which, the cause of the disorder is unknown and the condition is often misdiagnosed as another disease. Most of the times,even after numerous tests if nothing can be confirmed then ultimately it is diagnosed as fibromyalgia.

The pain originates from trigger points like the joints of the arms legs back and neck, and can be described as a consistent dull ache affecting many areas of your body. Initially, 18 trigger points of fibromyalgia were considered to diagnose the condition. But now doctors consider the condition if you were to experience the symptoms of the condition persistently.

Like mentioned before, there is no definite cause of the condition but research says that the condition can be triggered due to infection, genetics, stress and trauma(PTSD). Women are 10 times more likely to suffer from this condition than men and if there is a family history of the same or rheumatic diseases you are more likely to be affected by the disorder.

The symptoms of the conditionFibromyalgia Symptoms

People with this disorder may experience,

  • Fatigue
  • Trouble sleeping
  • Sleeping for long periods of time without feeling rested
  • Headaches
  • Depression
  • Anxiety
  • Difficulty paying attention
  • Pain or dull aching in the lower abdomen

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On factual basis, the treatment of fibromyalgia is difficult because conventional systems of medicine do not have any treatment for fibromyalgia apart from pain killers that do more harm than good. Homeopathy is proven to be the most effective system of medicine to treat fibromyalgia by far. Every true homeopathic prescription is individualistic and subjective in nature. The practitioner selects the remedy based on your symptom-similarity alone.  What is even better is that homeopathy treatment doesn’t interfere with your regular treatment of chronic conditions like hypertension or diabetes.

For this condition, in particular, people tend to have distinct and unusual symptoms, which makes it easier to treat them successfully because, in homeopathy, we believe each patient has his or her own distinctive version of the disease. Patients having subtly or overtly differing symptoms from each other is not a significant problem for homeopathy practitioners because each person is observed for their own syndrome of symptoms, no matter the diagnosis.

In general, homeopathy is the safest approach of medicine because it is completely natural, non-invasive, effective and shows tremendous results. It is also very cost effective, which none other approaches of medicine is today.

Our team of doctors at Dr Manoj’s homeopathy is dedicated to delivering as much relief and cure as possible, we are keen listeners and observers to our patient’s ailments so that we deliver appropriate treatment to your ailments. We offer online consultation as well to save you the pain of traveling and waiting in queues.


Dr. Manojs Homeopathy is run by a team of highly talented Homeopathic Doctors headed by Dr. Manoj Kuriakose. All the doctors are well trained and are capable enough to take care of the need of patients for all their ailments. Dr. Manoj has developed his ‘unique preparation of homeopathic remedies’ which are effective in treating numerous health conditions for patients world over. Those wanting to consult Dr. Manoj can visit our clinic or get an online consultation through our website www.drmanoj.com which is designed to your comfort of having a Consultation with the doctor, from any corner of the world.

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COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials