Homeopathy for Kidney Stones

Kidney stones are small deposits of salt and minerals from within the kidney and might go out of the urinary tract through urine. Kidney stones also consist of small calcium crystal deposits, which are known as Renal Calculi. There are various sizes of kidney stones. The size of the kidney stone may range from a speck to a big stone. The symptoms of kidney stones are effortlessly treated, when it comes to Homeopathy.

Types of Kidney Stones

Symptoms of kidney stones include:

  • Blood in urine
  • Nausea
  • Pain in the pelvic region
  • Pain in the testicles and groin

Kidneys are the organs which regulate the levels of fluids, minerals and salt. When the chemical composition of any of these change. It causes changes to the kidneys and these may lead to kidney stones and thus the various symptoms of kidney stones are manifested.

symptoms of kidney stones

Uric acid and cystine are the two components that might consist of kidney stones. They could also be caused do to certain other factors like family history, severe dehydration and excess intake of calcium.

A large percentage of people in India are constantly approaching Homeopaths with symptoms of kidney stones. It is generally a problem which occurs after the the age of forty. But, a large segment of people below the age of twenty-five are observed to have symptoms of kidney stones.

Most of the symptoms of kidney stones are not felt or noticed until the stone travels from the ureter to the kidney and eventually to the bladder. But, its intensity or the acuteness totally depends on its size.

Small sizes of kidney stones can be washed out of the kidneys by hydrating oneself, drinking a lot of water. But, if the size of the stone is big, it requires medical intervention and sometimes it also requires surgical intervention. If you are somebody who is scared of surgeries, we bring some good news for you. Even the bigger kidney stones can be taken care of without surgery. How? By opting for homeopathy, which has a gentle, non-invasive approach.

People with stones often describe the symptoms of kidney stones as painful with the pain being excruciating at times. Homeopathy saves you from the additional pain of surgery, by taking care of the stones using just custom-prepared pills.

How to Determine Whether You Have Kidney Stones:

Kidney Stones

Apart from the usual symptoms of kidney stones; there are other processes of determining whether one has kidney stones. They are:

  • X-Ray of the whole abdomen: When an x-ray of the whole abdomen is taken, any kind of foreign body or any stone which has been formed in the kidneys are clearly seen.
  • Ultrasound of the Abdominal Area: Ultrasound is one of the best ways to figure out whether one has kidney stones or not. Ultrasound acts beyond the scope of conventional x-ray machines. It used high frequency sound waves to capture live images from within the body.

Homeopathy for Kidney Stones

The remedies for kidney stone entirely depend on the size of the kidney stone and the symptoms of kidney stones which a person suffers from. The smaller stones pass away with urine with a lot of intake of water and fluids. But the larger ones, beyond 8 MM, do not pass on their own.

If your tests reveal that you have the larger stones, then surgery isn’t your only option. You can walk into Dr Manoj’s Homeopathy and book a consultation or you can also opt for an online consultation. Upon consultation with our doctor, you will be asked to list down all your symptoms. Once that’s done, our doctors will prepare homeopathic remedies just for you, keeping in mind your symptoms, the nature of the stones and your overall health condition.

These remedies, right from nature’s lap to Dr Manoj’s lab will ensure that you get assured results within a fair range of time. With no side effects, homeopathic remedies have a very gentle approach, that will keep your health on track, without imposing unnecessary dietary or lifestyle restrictions on you.

So, think natural, think homeopathy!


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COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials