Homeopathy believes in a self-driven force that rules the harmonious functioning of health, known as vital energy. While a person is ill, this harmony in the flow of vital energy is ruptured. This ruptured energy comes out through altered emotions and feelings as well as the altered physical sensations. Therefore, what we notice as signs and symptoms are not diseases, but a simple reflection of disrupted vital energy.

Homeopathic treatment is dynamic in nature. It helps enhance the unbalanced energy and restore smooth performance of all important functions in the body which refers to ‘Good Health’ if supervised on the basis of symptom similarity.

The main point of homeopathy which is often debatable is that the medicines are diluted to a point where the molecules of the original substance will completely get dissolved.

A recent research was conducted on hydrogen bonds in water by a Swiss chemist, Louis Rey. He noticed that the structure of hydrogen bonds in homeopathic dilutions of salt solutions is different from the structure that forms in pure water. He concluded that the phenomenon results from the extensive shaking of solutions that occurs during homeopathic ‘succussion’. Moreover, the usage of the laboratory method called spectroscopy, there have been findings that different homeopathic medicines and dilutions of the same medicine can be distinguished from one another, even though all of it must contain only water. Homeopathic dilutions have a significant effect on living organisms which has been examined and observed under laboratory conditions. An extremely high dilution of histamine may exert biologically significant effects on white blood cells that act as the immunity building factors in a human body.