How much to eat:
 Who has told us the quantity of food that one needs to eat for breakfast lunch or dinner?We have taught our children ,our parents taught us ,their parents taught them and so on and so forth! In effect we have been eating the same amount of food that has been eaten by people 7,8,9 or 10 generations before us, the quantity of food has not changed!

Our ancestors were basically people who were farmers or people who would do physical work through the day .They would either be ploughing the field or cutting trees in the forest or digging wells or constricting something from sunrise to sunset; there were hardly few of them whose profession did not warrant physical labour. 

Food is basically consumed to give people the energy to do the physical work, so hundreds of years ago the wise men and physicians calculated the amount of physical work men used to do and came up with the quantity of food that is needed, and the frequency of consumption of food. These findings were recorded in text books and a standard measurement was given for all to follow. 

There has been a vast shift in the work done by men and women, and we live in a world where physical labour has come down to the bare minimum. Most humans are doing sedentary work, but the quantity and frequency of consumption of food has not been corrected according to the evolution . Through generations the knowledge of food and its consumption has been passed over and we continue to eat the same amount of food that our forefathers used to eat even-though we dont do even 5% of the physical labour that they used to do . Basically we are all the time over eating. 

Our stomach is the size of the fist that we make. It is capable of consuming and digesting that much of food,the rest has to be burnt.Due to our over eating and not burning the food the size of the stomach expands enormously to accommodate the amount of food we eat and its not equipped with the necessary digestive juices to properly digest the extra food .`That is the reason we feel like lying down after a meal ,feel full in the stomach,or have acidity ,uneasiness  in tummy ,constipated or feel sluggish after a meal . 

If we realise that the food we eat is for our energy then each of us have to calculate the amount we need to eat every day and every meal. If you feel lethargic and heavy after a meal obviously you are eating more than what is needed for our body. One should feel light and energetic after food, working towards measuring the amount of food that one requires for their energy. Young mothers should stop stuffing their children with food ,basically stop over feeding them because it will become a habit for them .

You are basically conditioning their body and mind as to how much they should eat and they will follow it all their life irrespective of their physical activity, because they think it is the right thing to do. Instead if you would feed the child observing how the child’s energy levels are, he would grow up eating what is needed and not eating what has been told. Instead of giving the child dal and rice every-time become innovative and give the child what LITTLE  he wants keeping in mind the nutritional value of food. When a child refuses a certain type of food repeatedly we force the child to have it against his will, till he starts to eat it regularly. His refusal may be his natural way of saying that this particular food is not good for his system, begin to respect it. 

What to eat 
What kind of food to eat is again different from body to body. one is brought up eating the same food that has been eaten by the family whether one likes it or not ,whether it suits them or not. Usually for the first 20 years of one’s life its  the same food that has been eaten by the parents, grand parents, and the extended family.

The food consumed is what determines one’s genetic disorders. If one inherits the diseases that runs in the family, it is basically because of the same kind of food one consumes which is standard for the entire family. Hence you find people of the family suffering with similar kind of diseases like a bad stomach,pains, skin issues, allergies,headaches, may be diabetes and cardiac issues etc. 

Instead of just blindly following the food that has been passed on, young mothers should maintain a diary and note down all the food that the child is comfortable with and uncomfortable with. The child is very sensitive and an observant mom can make out even the slightest change in the baby. This diary would be a great asset to the child as he grows up to know what suits him and what does not .

One needs to try out all types of food and in different quantities and make a mental note of what suits their body. If one feels sick and lethargic after consuming the food, obviously it’s not suiting their body;if one feels energetic and light then that is their food. 

We get numerous whatsapp forwards about the latest trends and researches which we keep looking at and sharing.Remember no one is right or wrong in deciding what is good for you. It’s entirely up to you to decide what to eat and how much to eat.There is an urgent need to bring about a change in the thought process, break away from some of the traditional thinking especially about food consumption, and look and understand your own body. If we are looking at a healthier new generation, the changes must start right now!

-Dr. Manoj Kuriakose

(Ps;People having acidity should eat every 4 hourly once acidity is better can increase gap to as long as you feel)

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  1. renu singhal says:

    Good is true we eat too much,and do not always listen to our body

  2. Leqa Jaffer says:

    Dr Manoj we need a book from you abt all ur experiences treating different issues over the last 30 yrs and what we can learn from it
    Daughter of Mahmood kamal

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