is Homeopathy safe for children

Ask any parent what his or her most precious possession is, and without a doubt, it would be their children. While chirpy and bubbly children make them happy, there is nothing worse for them if their child falls sick. Not just does the sad look on the child’s face bother the parent no end, convincing them to get to meet a doctor is almost next to impossible. The very image of needles and white coats make even the strongest of adults cringe, so children are no exception.

Therefore, one can only understand why parents leave no stone unturned to keep their children healthy. That said, however, children are prone to fall sick easily. So, parents, the best way to keep your child healthy, and far from infections is to help them cultivate and follow a healthy lifestyle.

In this context, many parents worry about a doctor consultation because of the medicines they prescribe. The possibility of side-effects often makes them think twice about going for a check-up. Does it mean that it can be avoided? Absolutely not. The best solution to this issue that many parents face is to adopt a better medication process. That’s where homeopathy comes into play. Catering to multiple illnesses, homeopathy offers remedies and medication that comes with zero side effects.

So, doesn’t it look like the best thing you can opt for your child? This is where homeopathy steps in, homeopathy has a number of different remedies and medications to suit every child.

Have a quick read, to know how homeopathy can help your child.

Parents are the main voice of their children, since they spend the most time with their kids, they help the doctor understand what type of difficulties their children might be facing. It is highly important for a parent to be in sync with their children and their daily activities to convey the message across to the doctor if the child is unable to clearly tell the problem.

Here are a few common health problems, which children experience and can be solved with homeopathy and a few prevention tips:

Worms: Worm infestation is one of the most common problems, which is found in school-going children. Worms are a type of parasite,and the he common worm infestations are Thread worm, Roundworm and Hookworm usually transfer if the child comes in contact with soil containing eggs/germs on the playground or touching pets infected with worms, consuming infected food or water, improper hygiene etc.

 symptoms of worms in children

Some of the symptoms seen in children with worm infestation are loss of appetite, pain in the tummy after eating, itching in the anus, frequent diarrhoea or gastritis, no weight gain, bed-wetting etc. Homeopathic medicines can help control the problem present through prescribed remedies. Apart from that, these medicines not only help children get rid of worms, they also take care of symptoms produced due to worm infestation

Here are a few tips to avoid worms:

  • Deworming regularly.
  • Encouraging healthy habits like proper and frequent washing of hands particularly after using the toilet.
  • Finishing the course of medications prescribed by the doctor, to avoid the problem from recurring.
  • Cutting fingernails
  • Avoid itching the trouble area
  • Maintaining a few hygienic practices
  • Keeping the toilet seats clean

Homeopathic medicines can help boost the immunity of children so that they become less prone to recurrent worm infestation. If worms are already detected,homeopathic medicines can give symptomatic relief as well as flush out the worms.

Fever: Every child or baby is prone to get fever at a point of time and it is normally cured by a quick check up with the doctor. If the fever is not controlled on time, there are chances of child going into febrile seizures because of high temperature.

Normally, fever can also indicate ear infection, pneumonia, or a bacterial infection. Sometimes, reaction to certain vaccinations, being dressed too warm or being exposed to the sun for a prolonged period could also be the culprits.

Homeopathic medicines for children fever

Since the babies or infants can’t explain their symptoms as clearly as adults, there is a change in behavior, which can normally be seen in the fluctuation of moods, sleeping patterns, lack of interest in play, less activity and poor eating habits. Following few of these tips can help parents manage their infants with fevers to ensure comfort and relief.

  • Giving medicines to bring down the temperature to normal.
  • Not exposing infants to extreme cold or extreme hot climates.
  • Cold sponging when the temperature exceeds 102° F.

Homeopathic medicines can be taken as preventive measure for seasonal viral fevers. There is a myth that homeopathic medicines help in chronic cases only but the fact is that homeopathic medicines work wonderfully in acute cases as well like fevers, recurrent cold and cough,bronchitis, tonsillitis etc.

Teething problems: This is one common phase where every baby develops a new set of milk teeth. It can be quite a painful process for infants to go through. It can make the infant quite irritable and have unpredictable mood swings, which cause the child to be cranky. It is also the time when they start biting and trying to comfort or soothe themselves by biting things or toys to ease and reduce the pain felt on the gums. During this phase, children might also experience vomiting and loose motions.

Vomiting: The symptoms of vomiting occur quite often due to various reasons. Sometimes, the baby is moved too quickly, in a position which can later lead to the baby throwing up. Sometimes the reasons can also be due to baby or child not being able digest the food or milk consumed correctly and may end up throwing up the contents inside the stomach. The baby or child should be in a comfortable and safe position while consuming food or milk to avoid throwing up. Most common causes of vomiting in children are milk allergy or lactose intolerance,motion sickness, gastroenteritis.

Food poisoning: Consuming food which is not cooked properly can cause an allergic reaction. Eating certain types of food, which doesn’t suit the child can also lead to food poisoning. This can be seen in all age groups at some point of time. Eating stale food or which is not cooked properly can be quite troublesome for the body. Heading to the doctor  is the best solution to this problem.

  • Eating food which is cooked in a hygienic environment is very important
  • Consuming clean water to avoid any infections from occurring.

Eczema: This is a This is a common skin condition, which causes the skin to become itchy, red, cracked, rough and inflamed. It normally is caused due to dust mites, pets, molds, pets, dandruff or due to pollen. Change in climate can also influence eczema at times humidity, tropical weather and perspiration.

  • It is best to avoid dairy products, eggs, nuts, soy based and seeds in the diet.
  • A regular change of linens, clean clothes, blankets, carpets and ensuring dust free play areas.
  • Soothing baths, disinfectants, and lotions specifically designed to help with eczema, give immediate relief, sooth the baby and avoid any itchy symptoms.

Autism and ADHD: Autism Is a neurodevelopmental disorder that affects children in the early development stages. This condition mainly affects the nervous system and the symptoms can vary. Some of Autism’s  main symptoms are sensed when the child has problem in communicating and interacting with others.

ADHD, or Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder refers to lack of attention or hyperactivity in children. Some children have a hard time concentrating in school during their early childhood years due to many reasons. This should be taken quite seriously and should be addressed to the doctor with the help of the parent in order to solve the issue in its early stages.

  • Few activities related to the brain and concentrating, could help the child improve current concentration issues.
  • Doctors advise is always the best, when it comes to this peculiar problem.
  • There are always new and interactive exercises used by learning centres, to help kids improve their concentration skills.

Can children use homeopathy?

Homeopathy is the best option for children as it has no side effects,easy to administer and completely safe.As most of the medicines are plant extracts,they go well with the natural healing process of the body.

Many parents opt for homeopathic remedies, as they are gentle and non invasive in their manner of curing any ailment. Homeopathy also is a favourite among the children as it doesn’t  have a bitter taste.It is safe to say, homeopathy is proven to be successful in solving many of the health problems in children.

 By giving homeopathic medicines from childhood,body’s immune system becomes strong and children become less prone infections and natural healing powers of the body are retained.


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COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials