Meet homeopathy, the world’s second largest system of medicine

Legacy is an important denominator of trust and success. We generally trust a brand or name more if it has been around for a long time, right. The same can be said about homeopathy as a system of medicine. 

Homeopathy is the second largest system of medicine in the world according to the World Health Organization. It did not achieve this status overnight though. When it first came into existence, it was dismissed, with the reason that it seemed like an unscientific method with no proof of effectiveness. 

However, with time, the effectiveness shot through the roof with no harmful side effects and the world began taking note of a system of medicine that focused on treating an illness from the very root rather than subsiding the symptoms. What was more – this form of medication was 100% natural and had no nasty side effects like some of the other conventional methods did.

Today, homeopathy has a 100% recognition rate in the world that no other traditional form of medicine can claim. The stories of effectiveness of homeopathy have traveled so far and wide that people are ready to test it on their health and as well as their near and dear ones. This immense confidence in people means just one thing – that faith in this system of medicine is more than just blind faith. 

Anyone who has tried homeopathy for any ailment will agree with the fact that healing is at times gradual but definite. Homeopathy is very popular for the treatment of several types of diseases including, but not limited to breathing problems and diseases affecting the lungs, polycystic ovary disease (PCOD), heel pain, warts, spondylosis, fibromyalgia, ADHD, sinusitis, gastritis, irritable bowel syndrome or IBS, infertility, piles and so on.

When there is a type of medicine that can help resolve problems through oral medicines and ointments, when there is a system that can help avoid unnecessary pain and surgical procedure, it is no surprise that a large part of the globe has reached out to embrace it and swear by it. 

In India, a study conducted reveals that over 100 million people depend on homeopathy to help them take care of their health. The global figures are even more compelling with over 90% homeopathy users returning to homeopathy for other problems and more than 95% recommending it to people in their circles. 

At Dr Manoj’s Homeopathy, we have seen a consistent rise in new patients, while retaining our regular patients as well. We take pride that we are the pioneers of one of the world’s most sought-after systems of medicines and have been doing it for decades together. It is this legacy, as we spoke about earlier, in combination with homeopathy’s popularity and effectiveness that has made Dr Manoj’s Homeopathy a name to reckon with.

We have imbibed homeopathy ideals of a symptom-based approach and have added our own layers of excellence to it. We believe in listening to the patient, so that we have even the smallest bit of information about their symptoms, their health, their genetic history and then accordingly custom-make a treatment plan for them that will best suit their health as well as be very effective on their symptoms, helping them heal better and get back to their normal lives. 

Overall, the reasons why homeopathy has garnered this kind of following to become the second largest system of medicine in the world can be summarized into the following points:

  1. It’s completely natural, without the presence of any chemicals. 
  2. This natural form also helps it be effective without any side effects. 
  3. It’s a symptomatic approach that focuses on healing rather than ‘managing’.
  4. It is pain-free and very easy to use.
  5. It does not interfere with any other form of medicine. 
  6. It is highly effective and recommended.

When a large portion of the world has shown trust in homeopathy, so should you.

About ‘Dr.Manojs Homeopathy’:
‘Dr.Manoj’s Homeopathy’ was set up in the year 1990 with the aim to provides comprehensive health care techniques which make Homeopathy a healing source for all ailments. Dr.Manoj has been successfully practicing Homeopathy since the last 30 yrs and over the years has developed his ‘unique preparation of homeopathic remedies’ which are effective in treating numerous health conditions for patients world over .Dr.Manojs Homeopathy has a team of highly talented homeopathic doctors who are well trained and capable to take care of the need of patients.Those wanting to consult Dr. Manoj can visit the clinic or get an online consultation through which is designed to your comfort of having a consultation with the doctor, from any corner of the world.

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COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials

COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials