Living proof of Dr.Manojs Food Theory


After posting about eating just enough for our energy, and before the sceptics raised their arm, here is what I ran into.
Had to house visit a dear friends wife, and when i reached, the gate was opened by a very different,sadhu looking person at the gate. I was very amused, and I went in and completed my consult. Then I told my friend that I want to talk to the sadhu looking watchman.

He is an 84 years old, and has been working since a long time, his job there is of a 12 hour duty at the gate and to take the 2 dogs out for walk for about 4-5 km.

He has never reported sick in the past so many years!

I asked him about his health, and he said that he is absolutely fit, has no illness whatsoever, sleeps well with bowel movements of once in 3 to 4 days.

Finally now, what does he eat ?
NOTHING … absolutely nothing!

He said he has chai and buttermilk through the day and nothing else. This is not the end of the story ….

He has been following this for SEVEN long years where he has not had anything to eat!

For me meeting this guy after posting an article on ‘HOW MUCH TO EAT AND WHAT TO EAT’ was nothing but a miracle, and a message from the universe endorsing my thoughts.

-Dr. Manoj Kuriakose

(Ps: People having acidity should eat every 4 hourly once acidity is better can increase gap to as long as you feel)

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  1. Srilekha Sukkaipally says:

    I think I saw him on my way to office in Madhapur. I find him walking with Two German Shepards and I love to c him with them. I will try to stop my way and meet him

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