Homeopathy is an unproved science.

Fact: Homeopathy depends on experimental and pharmacological data. Homeopathic medicines have been exclusively researched on for their competence in varied evidences. Principles of homeopathy are generally based on sound logic and experimental proofs.

Homeopathy is a slow acting medication process.

Fact: Homeopathy acts rapidly in acute conditions and is most effective on infections, cold, cough, allergies, sinusitis, loose motions, headaches, tonsillitis, stomach pain and many recurring ailments. It works like antibiotics nullified side effects. Most people recourse in homeopathy as an alternative treatment for chronic ailments which unfortunately take longer to treat because of the delay. Homeopathy also is aided to prolonged cases of arthritis, allergic asthma or skin disorders etc., that take time to heal, with any other medication.