Homeopathy in the beginning

Homoeopathy came to India in the early 1810, through travelers and missionaries from the West. Initially, homeopathic medicines were prescribed by homeopaths to an individual only after a detailed analysis of symptoms that occurred in the individual. Certain remedies in homeopathy have been found to be effective in certain conditions in some patients.

Popularity of Homeopathy in India

India has become a hub for homeopathic system of healing. India has the largest number of homeopathic practitioners in the world and also has the largest number of homeopathic colleges with the most well defined course curriculum in our country. The manufacturing of homeopathic medication is a growing industry and is quite challenged. It is challenging because of the undetectable nature of the composition of substances of the final medicine but the results of the treatment through these medicines are visible and obvious.

Homeopathy has gained popularity in many Asian countries out of which India, Pakistan and Sri Lanka are leading. Homeopathy has been curing a large number of people than any other system of treatment and cure. In India, more than 100 million people completely depend on homeopathic treatment system. There are a number of State and Central government owned homeopathic inpatient hospitals in India.

Goal of Homeopathy

The goal of the homeopathic treatment is to encourage the body to return to a natural state of balance and health. Like the missing pieces of a puzzle, homeopathic medicines help “fill-in” the gaps in the body to stimulate a person’s own healing potential and energies. When this occurs, the person will have access to the body’s natural strength and wisdom, so that more conventional medicines and chemical-based substances may not be needed.

Growth and Demand of Homeopathy in India

In India homeopathy has been a very well established system of medicine. The World Health Organization has found homeopathy to be the second largest medical system with a growth rate of 20-25% every year. In India alone, more than 100 million people are solely dependent on this system of medical care. The recent statistics also reveal that In the next two years the number of homeopathy users will grow to 160 million. According to a survey conducted by A.C. Nielsen India, 62% of homeopathy users have never attempted treatments with conventional medicines and 82% do not switch to conventional treatments.

Homeopathy In India

Homeopathy In India

India has more than 70,000 board certified homeopaths, hundreds of homeopathy clinics and many homeopathic medical institutions. Homeopathy also being used by 500 million people and more worldwide, making it the second most broadly used medicine in the world.The expanding demand for homeopathy and its legal acceptance has been noted widely in 66 countries.

Homeopathy has become popular with the growing requirement of curing problems that become a nuisance to our daily lives. The fact that homeopathy is completely natural and does not have any side effects, has created a tremendous inclination in the public to use homeopathy as a curing alternative to their problems.

A separate ministry has been set up for health sector by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in which Homeopathy is a strong area that helps a large audience with a sanction of around 4000 crores for homeopathy and is now being used to start homeopathy centers in AIIMS to popularise it.

Information Technology and Homeopathy

Information Technology plays a vital role in the growth of homeopathy and it’s popularity. Communication and relationship have become a key factor in the development of a patient process today. This involves making the patient feel comfortable with the assurance of providing proper treatment.

Homeopathy – Digital Connection

In this digital age where technology has become an answer for every search, IT plays a significant role in bringing this system of healing to a platform where people can easily connect. The digital age has advanced so much, that people choose online consultations to save time.

On the other hand, to maintain good health after their consultations and treatment, the digital world makes it easy to find informative remedies too. Homeopathy blogs and articles are becoming popular day by day and a large audience has been banking on homeopathic remedies. With the growth and development of IT today, homeopathic practitioners have been able to heal many people with effective results without any much of trips to doctors.

Patient compliance is an important aspect of medicine and this requires to be built by motivating the patients. In today’s scenario, it has become extremely important for doctors to be well connected with their patients and motivate them to lead a healthy life. A large chunk of the Indian population has been noted to start treatments but end up discontinuing midway. This attitude in people has been seen not only with homeopathy users but also in all other systems of medicine. IT helps in acting as a medium in the scalability and sustainability of the doctor’s performances. IT has the power to connect doctors and patients for the progress in the areas of treatment and in motivating the patients to have a healthy life.

Foreseeing the future of Homeopathy

Today homeopathy is being widely accepted and recognized globally. India has been working hard in taking homeopathy to better heights in the system of medicine. There are about 86 countries that have legalized homeopathy there is a lot to see in future with the increasing popularity and progress in the study of homeopathy itself. Coming to foreseeing homeopathy in the near future, we can say that in the coming years homeopathy will step into rest of the world making a powerful impact. Awareness of homeopathy will grow and people will start using this safe and effective system of medicine.