Protect Yourself with a Protective Shield around You

I am sure you are doing your best to keep the corona virus away. Is there anything more you can do about it? If you can please do it from this moment.

Once you do your best and secure your surroundings, you begin to feel safe, and you give out positive energy around you. Then, you get a whatsapp forward about how many more people are effected, how many have died, how the virus is spreading like wild fire, how the most advanced nation also could not do anything, how it has began to spread through air,mosquitoes,etc etc. Have you even realised what this is doing to you? Can you do anything more than what you are already doing? The more information you get, the more you begin to get scared, and it will only convert your positive energy into negative energy. That is all those messages are doing!

Now if you are a group of tourists walking on a deserted street and there are a group of thieves, who do you think they will attack? Or, if there are a herd of deers and the lioness wants to find her prey, who do they think they will select and attack?It’s always the most scared one! This is because the one who is scared gives out a different kind of energy around him/ her which can be sensed by the robber or the lioness.

By feeding your brain with a lot of unnecessary information with which you cannot do anything more than you already are, you are only increasing your chances of being attacked by the corona virus, don’t you think?

You cannot help receiving those absurd forwards, a lot of idle minds and devil’s workshops in the present lockdown scenario, but you definitely CAN help not reading or watching them and MOST IMPORTANTLY you can also stop the forwards with you. Not only are you getting affected by them, but you are spreading the fear to your loved ones, your friends and collegues. Before you forward anything give yourself a moment and think, is this forward really going to help or cause more damage.

Be safe ,stay indoors and envelope yourself with the positive energy, trust me the virus cannot penetrate your positive energy shield! Stay safe even in your mind as we cannot go outdoors right now, but we can definitely go within ourselves; trust me it’s the best place to be in!

-Dr.Manoj Kuriakose

18 responses to “Protect Yourself with a Protective Shield around You”

  1. Dr. Baru says:

    Very useful in the current day scenario! Thanks Dr. Manoj

  2. Dr. Mona Gupta says:

    Thank you so much Dr. Manoj for the positive vibes.

  3. shobha dasika says:

    A very promising and positivity created through this article. Your valuable suggestions mean a lot in this time. B+ve

  4. P. Krishna Murthy says:

    Very valuable advice indeed.. Positive thinking always keeps everyone in right spirit and protects from the evils around. Thank you doctor, for the timely advice.

  5. Shaik Mahaboobpasha says:

    Dr. you have rightly said. Neglecting lotts of messages which were spoiling the mind and savimg the energy is the need of the hour I hope everybody
    follows the the advice sent by you

  6. pandit kmck says:

    Thanks for giving ur advice sir,lot of people don’t know what is going in cycle nature, even they don’t know about positive nd negative around the world nd also in human body, they just living, ur article is very useful to know what is nature

  7. Sastry RVRK says:

    Your article on how much to eat – it works miracle in my mind.
    Same philosophy by Sadguru,
    Same by Manthana Satyanarayana.

  8. Lalita George says:

    Thanks for your concern and the guidance that you keep giving. Makes me feel better and encouraged.

  9. Jayaprasad says:

    Dr. Your injecting positive energy is indeed a pragmatic and unique. Thanks a tonne of your thoughtfulness. God bless you.

  10. Padma says:

    ?Thank you for your concern sir I appreciate it and has for u said we have to be positive and take care of our health and our elders. And all ple respect the Dr police and leaders who really working heard with out any selfish in there hearts please respect them and your life’s ?

  11. Swarnabir Naskar says:

    Right sir

  12. Geetha says:

    Best article I have ever read since this virus updates… u r the best doctor inside and outside… u have such a great positive attitude so u have so many successful cases.. God bless you sir…

  13. B.RamakrishnaRao says:

    Sir,You are doing best service to the society through medical service.This is very useful to our society and your guidelines

  14. Ruchika Goel says:

    Your blogs are so comforting. Please keep them coming. They add so much positive energy in this negative environment. People are becoming so mean and nasty to one another bcoz of the fear they have filled their souls with. I’m seeing how people are getting into fights and arguments everyday accusing others for being irresponsible. Telling others how to do it right. It’s scary.

  15. Pavan says:

    This was much needed at this time. I was searching some thing like this, but was getting diverted to the problems and suffering of people because of this. I read this article 5 times and now motivated to be away from news. I remember you words while we met

    FEAR. The moment our body goes into fear, the immune system is compromised, the disease attacks us and we fall sick.

  16. roshini voleti says:

    A positive article….be safe, stay indoor and keep your self healthy….both mentally and physically

  17. Arif Ebrahim says:

    As expected you will always come up with positivity and tonnes of encouragement. Thanks and keep going.

  18. Pallavi Mehta says:

    Truly useful information and guidance. Today every person is going through the same suppressing and frustrating situation. Indoor Music, exercise will surely divert our mind.
    I thank you for your effort.

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COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials

COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials