Redefining Emergency Medicine

Can you imagine the lakhs that all the pharmacies, the labs, the hospitals are losing during this lockdown? Do you realise that the loss is because you haven’t been going for your regular check-ups to the hospitals, you haven’t been going for your regular investigations to the laboratory, or may be some of you haven’t been buying the regular medicines as there are no new prescriptions being written; there are no investigations being written, there are no admissions that are happening. How is it possible that a hospital which would usually perform roughly about a hundred ultrasounds a day, around a hundred odd investigations a day, 50 CT scans a day, and many other investigations and procedures, are in the past 10 days not doing even 1or 2 of them? What is happening here? When has medicine or medical science stopped being an emergency? Since when has emergency gone out of a hospital all of a sudden? What is really happening here? Have you given it a thought?

We need to realise that life goes on. Emergencies are created by man. Emergencies have been marketed to you. Emergencies have to be redefined. As you would have noticed during this lockdown period, most of you would have had some reason or the other to go to a doctor, but you would have delayed it by a day or two and you got better on your own, or with a few home remedies. This is what 70% of the Indians living in rural areas, who have no access to medical care, do. They need to travel 20 kilometers if they have an emergency, you are learning to survive like them during the lockdown.

Nature has made our bodies so wonderful that nothing goes wrong with it; even if something does go wrong, most of the time it takes care of itself, you just need to give it time to heal. We need to understand our body and let nature heal it, we need to let our energies balance, and heal us. Fear has been marketed so much to us that we are scared to give our body time to heal, and we rush to a doctor to get investigations done and start on medication, without giving our body a chance to heal.

Didn’t we survive the last 10 days? Just like how you would have survived if you were living in a rural area, where there are no medical emergency services available? Didn’t you survive without going to the doctor? Even if you had a little pain, you managed it; like people in the village would do, and you got better in a day or two on your own or with some home remedies. But if there was no lockdown what would you have done? You would have rushed to the doctor, got it investigated; you would spend your time, money and also worry about it. Isn’t it time that you realise that life is very simple. We are the ones who make it complicated.

All we need to do is, just believe in the wonderful system that nature has given us that knows how to take care of itself. We need to stop interfering with it. You are interfering all the time.

If your periods are delayed you medicate, if your periods are early you medicate. If your daughter doesn’t get her menses by a particular age you medicate; if it doesn’t stop at the age of 50, you medicate. If you will get palpitations after a particular age you medicate, you get breathless when you climb stairs after a particular age, you medicate. You will lose hair, you will put on weight, you will get constipated, you will not get sleep… for all these you medicate.Your blood pressure is a little above normal you medicate; your sugar levels are slightly above normal you medicate!

You are 75 years old, you will get age related conditions, though not causing any disease in you, yet you medicate. An average Indian lives for 69 years, your being alive itself is a miracle, but at 75 you don’t want to appreciate the fact that your living itself is a blessing and a miracle. No! You want to medicate!!

Medications should be taken for DISEASES. What does a DISEASE mean? It means you are not at ease. Why not medicate our body when it complains, and it is not at ease and not medicate ourselves because the lab or the hospital thinks that we need to be medicated.

Dr.Manoj Kuriakose

8 responses to “Redefining Emergency Medicine”

  1. MP Agrawall says:

    You are perfectly right. We the people must introspect. We must learn new way to live. Thank you DR. Keep educating us. – Mahabir Agrawall.

  2. Revati Eshwar says:

    De. Manoj, thank you for enlightening us. This is just what we have realised in these 10 days. We have survived not visiiting doctor, not medicating ourselves unnecessarily and living within our limited means. Thank you.

  3. Lalita George says:

    Thanks Dr Manoj, I read every word you write and I totally agree with the above message. Thanks for encouraging us and letting us know how body and mind work in unison.

  4. V L N Rao says:

    I am 83 yrs old. I agree with what you have written. Excellent Dr Manoj. Wish the government extends the lock down for further two weeks and 75% of families realise what you explained is right. Thanks for such enlightening words.

  5. Renu rao says:

    I fully agree with u doctor….i belong to the previous generation..and i can vouch there was no multispeciality hospitals or medical shops in every nook and corner……..except for a few major hospitals…..all of us were very healthy and fit…….even that little cold and fever we wanted to escape school….never came…….today its fear of all kinds of ailments due to lifestyles and stress ….which make these times so hard….hope youngsters will bring the necessary changes

  6. Vidya says:

    Dear Doctor, You are absolutely right. I think it’s we in India have started imbibing a western culture in our lives especially eating, working and sleeping habits which slowly has changed the natural symptoms to aggressive patterns wherein, we panic and unable to control go to a doctor and landup in list of tests and medications. I feel All that is gone during lockdown….A thought processing is necessary to really combat this. But I don’t know how far it’s going to work as I have seen people buying pills using their previous prescription s are just gulping medicines which are suppressive but not a remedy. It is the fear that they have developed that if they don’t administer the prescribed medicines they may die or lead to complications. This is worst in old people and average in the middle aged. I think the youngsters can go in for healing therapies for small and moderate illness. But still doctor is always a doctor, we can’t take self medications and risk our life’s. I feel every doctor needs to study again the case history during the period of lockdown and if necessary give medication or a couple of exercises. Is it possible ? Will it work? I don’t know . . at this juncture the life is so unpredictable just concentrating on Corona. Ultimately the doctor would know his/her patient better than the patient himself/herself.

  7. Mohammed Safiullah says:

    Dr Manoj, Thanks for your enlightenment regarding to health and commercialization of Medicare facilities. Government of India should take steps to improve the healthcare facilities aftermath of Covid-19, in lines of NHS-UK & Germany.

  8. Arif Ebrahim says:

    If the common man and woman don’t medicate then what will happen to all the Doctors and their support staff?? What about Diagnostic centers? Medical shops? Etc

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COVID Testimonials: As on June 2021, we have given add-on treatment to 2005 COVID patients & suspects. Watch them talk about their experience. Click here for more COVID testimonials