It is with high contentment and delight we are communicating our hearty gratitude and appreciation for the seamless treatment you have been imparting on us for the past more than three years. For my wife, the pain in the both legs was unbearable and earlier she was unable to take few steps particularly during morning hrs and was always under constant discomfort. My son introduced us to Dr. Manoj Sir and with his magical touch and gifted abilities he initiated the treatment. During these three years she has shown remarkable improvement and has achieved more than 60% overall relief exclusively due to medicines that were prescribed by Doctor Sir. She also suffers from nasal allergy and continuous sneezing which is now under admirable containment. My sugar levels are brilliantly and constantly regulated with the medicines. As we stay at Rajahmundry every month we get medicines nicely and carefully packed at our doorstep. I must congratulate the entire team members for their involvement and dedication in rendering service to the patients. —Dr V.R.Rao/Reg No:R1140/Jan’2016

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