Dear Dr Manoj I first came to you with a complaint of lower back pain after having gone to several doctors some of whom even suggested that I should undergo surgery for my Disk collapse (D4, D5&D6 areas). After a patient hearing that you gave for my case, the first thing you said (and of course, I like that approach..) – “You be on your job and roam around & Forget the pain – I will take care of if ” From that day it is almost about 8 months now…. I used the medicine for 4 months so far… I have a great relief from the severity of the problem (where I could not even think of going out of home…) – Still I have nagging pain, though at a lower intensity. Today I am able to travel around the world again (though at a reduced level…) – from the days where i used to cancel my flight journeys due to acute back pain. I take this opportunity to express my deep gratitude for the careful evaluation of my problem and addressing it fundamentally. I am particularly happy to note your attention to detail when the problem is expressed to you in the first instance itself. I thank your dedicated team, who relentlessly follow up on the case to ensure I take and use the medicines. That untiring team effort, and your personal attention makes me what I am today. Many Thanks for giving me an opportunity to write and contribute on this grand occasion – Congratulations on completing successful & Healthy 25 Years !! Let me along with my family join you in your TRUE celebrations !!! May God give you enough strength to keep thinking about good health of public at large. —Prasad/Reg No:P1053/Dec’2015