Hello Dr. Manoj My 4 year old and I consulted with you over 3 months back when I was visiting India. We are almost done with the three month course and wanted to give you an update and request for advice. My daughter Ishika who fell ill frequently because of throat infections, cold and cough on a regular basis is much better. The SOS has been very helpful too. However since its winter in Sydney now, we might need better cover :-). She is otherwise doing well and your medicines have worked great. I consulted with you for a stuffy feeling in my nose which led to constant one sided headaches- migraine like and for slipdisc. My migraine is under control. Have had only 2 attacks in 3 months. But my stuffiness is back, with the winter and the headaches are returning too. Also I am out of your medicines. My lower back pain is certainly much better. —Aparna