I was very severely suffering with piles since 12 years. By the time I first approached Dr Manoj, I consulted several allopathy doctors during this long period of my suffering, the disease was reducing for few days and again creeping and adding to that the affect of powerful allopathy medicine were showing other side affects on my body. It was very much irritating to even go for consulting since the inspection by doctor was also very agonizing. In 2012 I first visited Dr Manoj and at that time piles were very severe. The medicine given by Dr Manoj was very effective with in a week I felt relief and with one year of treatment from Dr Manoj the disease has completely vanished and that too without having to go through any agonizing inspection from Doctor. Now I am able to enjoy my life by maintaining proper diet and regular exercise. I am very much thankful to Dr Manoj. —Suresh/Reg No:S1658/Dec’2015