I was experiencing sharp, stabbing pain in my lower back along with sciatic pain in my left leg. I couldn’t do normal activities and it was difficult to get in and out of bed and even i was unable to stand for 1 minute. I had seen a lumbar specialist who prescribed an MRI and Suggested me to go for Lower Back Surgery Which could effect my back in long run. At that time I came to Dr.Manoj and once I started taking the Medicines Prescribed by Dr.Manoj I was able to gain back my mobility and comfort. I am able to stand and sit without spasms of pain, as well as get out of bed in the morning without any Pain ! I would recommend Dr.Manoj Homeopathy to anyone experiencing back pain. Thank You Dr.Manoj For relieving me from my pain.. —Prashanth Philomen/Reg No:P1125/Aug 2015